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The Sessionals Playlist Vol.I [Odd Sem’19]

As the sessionals inch closer, the stress of pulling all-nighters and living on caffeine may start to get to you. Browsing through hundreds of pages of notes might prove to be difficult with the distractions that accompany college life. With this in mind, we at the Post bring you, as per usual, our carefully curated Sessional Playlists, with a wide range of selections that would appeal to every individual sensibility.

The vocal playlist, for those of you who need a powerful voice to go with your beats, and the instrumental playlist for more ambient, mellow music to help you focus.

Vocal Playlist

Vocal playlist curated by Ashwin Suresh

Instrumental Playlist

Instrumental playlist curated by Abhijit Rajanish


Featured Image credits: Matt Korman, The 405