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Served in Style—Maid Cafe’19

The Manga and Anime Club (MAC) in collaboration with Burning Ice, presented this year’s Maid Cafe in Hadiqa on the 5th of April. A Maid Cafe is a subcategory of cosplay-restaurants that are popular in Japan and is an experience tailored specifically for an otakuAs its quirky name suggests, the cafe had its usual waiters replaced by cosplayers wearing pinafores and stockings, serving food typically, albeit with the garb and personalities of anime characters.   

An idea that was conceptualised to cater to the fantasies and often bizarre fetishes of an otaku, this event was intended to give its audience a glimpse of the pop-culture and acquaint them with it. “This is a fun event for all the manga lovers to come and experience something unconventional”, said Prem Sinha, a member of MAC. 

Credits- The Photography Club

The serene backdrop of Hadiqa was given a Japanese vibe with modest paper decorations and pictures of female anime characters adorning the venue. This year’s installation of the Cafe, however, drew in fewer customers in comparison to previous years, perhaps due to its unvaried format. Nevertheless, the event proved to be enjoyable for the few who came and partook in this practice. Being an event that appeases to a certain section of youth, MAC was commendable in its effort at popularising this culture. The Maid Cafe served as a welcome respite for otakus and laymen on an otherwise uneventful Friday evening.