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Seeing in A New Light—Blindfolded Conversations by The Psych Club

Prejudice can hamper a relationship even before it has a chance to bloom. First impressions play an essential role in our daily interactions, and to counter this bias in a novel way, The Psych Club organised Blindfolded Conversations as a pre-event to the Manipal International Literary and Arts Platform(M.I.L.A.P).

Organised on 10th September at the AB-5 Foyer, the event was open to all MAHE students. At the event,  participants were provided with a blindfold and partnered with a random stranger. The two were then asked to engage in conversation, without knowing what the other person looked like. Although the turn-out was not spectacular, the event was a lively affair nonetheless. People were later paired up with another stranger, and the activity carried on. The participants removed their blindfolds after the conversation had progressed, to reveal their faces to their partners.

“It was a fun evening. I talked to a freshman at first, and although it was a decent conversation, I liked the second stranger I spoke to, better—a Master’s student at the European Studies Department who had a lot of insightful stories to share”, said Nitesh Agarwal, a second-year student at MIT, sharing his experience of the event.

The remarkably well-organised event is a testament to the unique and diverse nature of events happening in and around campus and was a must-have experience for all. While the event was a relatively low-key affair, The Psych Club succeeded in providing a meaningful and memorable experience to the participants.

Image Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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