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Scaled Walls and Breached Dams – SS Rajamouli in Manipal


The evening of 22nd September witnessed loud and excited chatter slowly fill the AB1 Quadrangle, as it acquainted itself with the melodies of Telugu cinema. Despite the event- a part of the Diamond Jubilee Lecture Series- running nearly half an hour late, the enthusiasm in the air was almost infectious. Fans of SS Rajamouli, young and old alike, danced along to tunes from his greatest hits. Some held their phones up high, ready to record his arrival to the venue. His entrance was met with deafening cheers, with fans rushing onto chairs to catch a glimpse of the director.

Also graced by the presence of Mr Sanjeev Patil (Superintendent of police, Udupi district), Dr BHV Pai (Joint Director, MIT Manipal), and Dr C Ramesh (Diamond Jubilee Chairman)- the event was well-attended. After a short welcome speech by Dr GK Prabhu (Director, MIT Manipal), students of MIT showcased their rhythmic abilities. This was in the form of a classical dance performance by Ankita Upadhyaya, which was followed by a hip-hop fusion dance by Blitzkrieg.

Mr SS Rajamouli then made his way to the stage, garnering an intense reaction from the crowd as they looked on with clasped hands and starstruck eyes. Mr Rajamouli took over the stage for nearly an hour and spent most of this time engaging in a question-answer session with the audience. He talked about topics ranging from success- and how everyone has their own formula for it- to the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Rajamouli’s charming presence and humble attitude left the audience impressed and clinging to every word he uttered. He crisply answered several questions about the technical nuances of his films, given how he is known for his cinematographic finesse. He concluded his session by talking about how well-integrated the student body is in MIT Manipal. He expressed his fascination with the proactivity and socio-political awareness of the students here, and was impressed by with the sheer number of opportunities available to the college’s youth for holistic development.

Mr Rajamouli as well as the audience displayed an incredible amount of gratefulness and enthusiasm at this opportunity to bask in each other’s radiant glow, making the event an unquestionable success.

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