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From Samurais to Shurikens—Anime Quiz by MAC

On 26th October, The Manga and Anime club hosted another edition of its popular Anime Quiz. There was a lot of excitement in the air as the contestants put in all of their late nights of binge-watching to good use. The turnout was excellent with over 20 teams competing for a cash prize.

There were five written rounds, each quite different from the other. Raising the stakes from the get-go, the first round had fifteen direct questions, where contestants had the choice of putting their answers at stake to get bonus points. However, that also exposed them to negative marking. In round two, five questions had a connection between all their answers. The connect could be answered after any question. The earlier a contestant answered the more points he or she would receive. On the other hand, if a contestant made a wrong guess, it would result in negative marks. One of the teams got the connect after the second question, and by the fifth question, almost every team had identified the connect correctly.

The third round was an image round, where all the images were displayed together, and the teams had to guess the object and the anime related to it within five minutes. In the penultimate round, the hosts played audio clips of popular anime dialogues. The expected answer was the name of the character who had spoken the dialogue along with the anime it was from. The teams started to cheer when Kenshiro’s famous dialogue, “Omae wa mou shindeiru!” from the anime Hokuto no Ken came up. Finally, the fifth round had participants guessing the anime from their opening soundtracks.

The event was a lot of fun. It was not like a normal quiz, as the various rounds were very creative. It made us think, and I enjoyed it”, said Siddharth Mittai, a third-year student, who was one of the participants. “This is the fourth anime quiz that we have conducted in the last two years. Considering the turnout, this was the most successful one. The response from the crowd was great, and everyone seemed to love it. That is what a quiz is all about”, said Shitij, who was the host and organiser of the event. After the quiz concluded, the papers were collected, and the answers were displayed, with Snehil Sharma and Praneeth Yennamaneni being declared the winners. Putting a lot of enthusiasm on display, the teams definitely enjoyed themselves leaving the organisers elated.

Image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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