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A Salute To the Educationists – Teacher’s Day in MIT

Date: 05/09/2017 | Meghana Dharmapuri and Sathya Prasad (The MIT Post)  


MIT celebrated the noble vocation of teaching on the 5th of September. The chief guest for this event was Brigadier Dr. Surjit Singh Pabla, who served as the Director of MIT from 2006-2009. The event was also attended by many significant members of the University such as Dr. G.K. Prabhu, Dr .H.S. Ballal, Dr. Narayana Shenoy, and Dr. B.H.V. Pai.

The event began with an invocation to Lord Ganesha as a Bharatanatyam dance which was performed by Meghana H.L, Assistant Professor of the Humanities Department – which was followed by a memento being presented to her by The Director. This was immediately followed by a musical performance by Chords And Co. along with Dr. G.K. Prabhu on the tabla. It was a medley of various instruments such as ukulele and flutes, mixed with vocals and beatboxing.


The Director was called upon to commence the celebrations. In his speech, he highlighted the progress the Institute has made over the past year, the importance of teachers, and about Dr. S.S. Pabla’s tenure as Director. Thereafter, the ceremonial lamp was lit by all the dignitaries present.

Dr. H.S. Ballal, the Pro-Chancellor of Manipal University, spoke about Teacher’s Day and related various experiences from his life to emphasize the role played by teachers in our lives and how they are a vital link to shaping the society. This was followed by a formal introduction by Dr. Narayana Shenoy who commended the University for their Support in developing the infrastructure in Manipal.


Courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal


After all the dignitaries had spoken, they gathered on stage to felicitate the chief guest of the event, Brig Dr. S.S. Pabla. He was presented with a silk scarf and a bouquet. After the Felicitation, the Brigadier said that he was honored that the university had called him as the chief guest. He spoke about his journey, and how he became the Director of MIT. He related all that he did during his tenure, and how he has come to venerate the position of a teacher. He also complimented his wife for supporting him throughout his life and complimented her for his success.

Shortly after, Felicitations were offered to the Director, the Joint Director, and the Associate Director of MIT. The first half of the Teacher’s Day Program was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. B.H.V. Pai, the Joint Director.

The second half of the event began with felicitations of all the retired teachers present there by the dignitaries. All teachers were presented with scarves as part of the felicitation. This was accompanied by a speech by Mr. Narayana, a retired professor of the Physics Department, as well as speeches from Dr. K.J. Kamath and the president of the Student Council, Darshan. The latter then presented the Director and the Joint Director with roses while his team presented the rest of the teachers present with the same.

At the end of the felicitations, the audience was graced with a poetry performance by the club Goonj who presented pieces of poetry in Hindi and Kannada. The Teacher’s Day event was concluded with a Kannada song ‘Nooru Janma’ performed by Professor Vishnu Sharma.

We don’t need a specific day to commemorate the value of teachers in the life of every individual. Yet every once in a while, such occasions reiterate the message, and acknowledge the part played by them in nudging students on to the path of success.

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