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Rising from the Ashes—The 61st Yearbook Launch

A new era was ushered in this year with the launch of the 61st yearbook on 16th October 2018 at the M.V Seminar Hall. The theme for this edition, Renastere—meaning rebirth, fit perfectly with the transition to an electronic format. The M.V Seminar Hall was filled with a sense of excitement and vigour, as both the Editorial Board members and the audience waited in anticipation for the launch of the yearbook.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries of the institute. Dr D Srikanth Rao, Dr BHV Pai, and Dr Narayana Shenoy K spoke on the momentous occasion, commending the hard work done by the Editorial Board and the Student Council. “You can ask the institution for anything, except attendance and marks,” said Dr Shenoy, extending the college’s support to student activities. Althaf Ibrahim Para, President of the Student Council and Khushi Goenka, Editor-in-Chief of the Editorial Board, appreciated the tireless work put in by everyone involved, and gave thanks to the constant support received from the institution and faculty.  All the members of the Editorial Board were felicitated on their laudable work, with a certificate of appreciation presented by the Director.

The event concluded with the launch of the yearbook by the dignitaries. It was ensconced in a beautifully designed pen drive, depicting a phoenix rising from the ashes. The pen drives were later distributed to those present in the audience.
A part of me was dreading the launch because I knew that it would be really hard to say goodbye to this book which we have worked on for over a year. That said, the launch went really smoothly, and it was a fitting final chapter to Renastere“, noted Pujan Parikh, the Sub-Head, General of the Editorial Board.

Photo credits: The Photography Club, Manipal 

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