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Riddle Me This – LDQ’s Decathlon

Word mavens and bibliophiles alike were in for a delightful Sunday at The Literary, Debate and Quiz club’s ‘Decathlon’ on the 26th of March. As part of their literary fest for the semester, ‘Bazinga’, the event was more than worth the wait. Ten teams of three arrived at the beginning of the day’s proceedings, armed only with their wisdom and wit. They were tasked with coming up with quirky names for themselves, the winner of which was “The Gay, the Ugly and the Elderly”, who were given 100 bonus points for Best Team Name.

The rounds were aimed at testing participants’ acumen in all facets of the English language. Challenges sundered deciphering phrases hidden within cryptic patterns, to an enrapturing quiz with maps and analogies galore. Other brainteasers involved a literary version of ‘Psych!’, in which participants had to conjure fake definitions for a word, and teams were made to vote from a list which also had the real definition slyly sequestered within. The definition with the most number of votes won. Another crowd favorite was ‘Accentuate’, which involved relying on our knowledge of various accents to make a sentence out of what would otherwise be incoherent rambling.

By lunch break, one team had already decided to throw in the towel. It was an ill-advised decision, for the remaining events saw the team placed last at the conclusion of round four, losing third place by three points at the end of the day.  A novel initiative saw neighboring teams correcting each others’ papers at the end of each round, which considerably helped to ramp up the scoring process.

“I had a wonderful time, and found the questions to be very intellectually stimulating,” remarked participant Anirudh Kamath. All in all, it was a riveting way to see off what would have been yet an other mundane end to the week. One can only hope LDQ comes up with more such events to enthrall us with in the semesters to come.

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