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MELAS Quiz | Tanmay Goswami 

This year the Ergo category was set in motion with the MELAS Quiz, held on the 13th of April, 2022, at the KEF Auditorium. The long-awaited event felt both deserved and needed as it brought back the thrill of offline quizzing.

The Quiz saw an enthralled throng of movie buffs, quizzers, questers looking for fun-filled trivia, as well as people who genuinely just enjoy learning. The convergence of Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, and Sports in such delectable proportions left everyone present mesmerised, to say the least.

The Quizmasters Kewal and Ankit, who are also the heads of the Quiz Society of LDQ, welcomed the participants hailing from different parts of the Indian Quizzing Circuit, in an event that saw a wonderful reception. Whether it be trailing through Sandcrawlers in Tatooine or a dazzling walk in the Twilight, the ingenuity that went into crafting the questions was met with equal amounts of applause and pounces.

It was a roller-coaster ride to the end. We loved the format and the excellent execution of the quiz by the QMs“,  a participating team remarked. Needless to say, the first offline Quiz post-pandemic, was an immense success, adding to the revelries of the ongoing fest.

Potpourri and Creative Writing | Tanmay Goswami 

Potpourri and Creative Writing were the two events under the Literary Category of Ergo. Despite being held online, the event enjoyed good participation and exemplary competition from colleges across India.

Potpourri was conducted in 2 rounds- a written round comprising of a unique compilation of word games such as crosswords, anagrams, addagrams, etc. followed by an interactive one, both of which were to be attempted in groups of 2. The final round saw six teams dabbling with brain-teasers in the form of Jeopardy, Pictionary, customized Wordles, and Spell bees.

Creative Writing was also held in two successive rounds, the former’s prompts revolving around mood boards on selected themes.
This event acts as a catalyst to bring forth a test and ode to that moment of inspiration, where even Time stops once in a while to bear witness, and the participants justified that every bit,” one of the judges said. The final round required finalists to use four additional prompts and transform their rapid influx of creative juices into written marvels.

Both the events received critical acclaim from all those involved.

General Quiz | Tanmay Goswami 

The General Quiz”22 stole the show as the most cherished event of the Ergo category. It witnessed legendary Quizmaster Major Chandrakant Nair hosting his own set on the morn of 16th April 2022, concluding the literary and quizzing events of Revels’22.

Held at MV Seminar Hall, the Quiz enjoyed an equally enthused crowd of quizzers, trivia buffs, and sophophilics alike. Needless to say, the air was electric with a sense of competitiveness. Keeping with its theme, the Quiz explored everything under the blue sky and beyond through its engaging questions and the brilliant fundae that were covered.

From getting their hands over amber, walking through the trade routes, humming the musical symphonies, decoding the inception of inventions, to investigating mythic pantheons, it was an invigorating experience, after 2 years of mundane online experiences.

In Quiz Master’s own words, “The event was fabulously managed, and it was amazing seeing a good crowd on a morning Quiz, especially after a happening night“. The event was concluded with the declaration of results and the Convenor speeches, amidst a standing ovation in the auditorium.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Department of Revels’22

Featured Image Credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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