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Revels’20 Liveblog

Vinayak Srivastava March 7, 20204:48 pm

On that note, we shall wrap up our liveblog for this Revels. We will be back with more self burns and updates with our loveblog next semester during TechTatva.

Adithya Nayak March 7, 20204:24 pm

Head towards IC to take a look at Scio’s MenstruArt board.

Adithya Nayak March 7, 20203:21 pm

Treat your eyes and ears to Nukkad Natak, live, right outside NLH.

Adithya Nayak March 7, 20203:13 pm

It was like talking to a wall

Vinayak Srivastava March 7, 20202:50 pm

The contestants at Bhujovala try to hit the target but are missing it just like half of Adithya’s jokes.

Adithya Nayak March 7, 20202:22 pm

Welcome to Day 4 of the Revels ’20 liveblog. As things start to wrap up around the fest, we will get you all the updates and banter through our loveblog.

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20204:58 pm

As the day comes to a close, so does the Liveblog. Tune in tomorrow for updates from the last day of the fest as Manipal gears up to welcome Prateek Kuhad and Teri Miko.

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20204:52 pm

Overheard Conversation outside NLH: “It’s Revels bro, you’re not 20 minutes late; you’re 40 minutes early.”

Adithya Nayak March 6, 20204:50 pm

PAV photographers trying to satisfy every candid request be like:

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20204:37 pm

Jack needs some jumping practice.

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20204:29 pm

Head on over to our kiosk outside NLH and watch the different cultures converge. Draw a doodle, spin the wheel, write on a post-it, and experience the amazing newsletter in print.

Adithya Nayak March 6, 20204:00 pm

Shoutout to Akshat Joshipura for solving the Day 1 Newsletter Crossword!

To earn a shoutout as well, solve the Day 2 Crossword or caption our comic from the
Newsletters available at the MIT Post kiosk outside NLH. Take a picture
of the solved crossword or comic and share it on Instagram with the tag
@themitpost and you’ll be featured on our Instagram story as well as the Liveblog.

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20203:41 pm

Just wingin’ it.

Adithya Nayak March 6, 20203:32 pm

Students when they enter AB5:

Adithya Nayak March 6, 20203:15 pm

The treasure hunt is down to the wire.

Vinayak Srivastava March 6, 20202:55 pm

Judges are frustrated as participants have failed to show up on time at Dhwani, just like our 8 A.M. classes.

Adithya Nayak March 6, 20202:33 pm

Welcome to the MIT Post Liveblog for Day 3 of Revels’20. With a new day come the same old jokes and event updates of the fest, which continues to be a home-run for the students.

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20205:40 pm

That’s going to be it for the day. Join in tomorrow for more festive updates, sports scores, and useless banter from Day 3 of Revels ’20.

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20204:49 pm

When you realize Assignments and Sessionals are right after Revels:

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20204:46 pm

Participants after winning cash prize:

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20204:04 pm

Investigating the Monkey business at the Post Kiosk.

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20203:45 pm

Vehicle gets slightly scratched

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20203:15 pm

In other news, some events seem to have taken a weird turn.

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20203:14 pm

As Informals set their stalls near NLH, curious Shruti mingles with the Minions behind the cape.

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20203:08 pm

Sports Update: Head on to the End Point grounds to support the MIT football teams in Revels Cup semi-finals!

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20202:57 pm

Cognitive Control at NLH 203 provides on-spot entertainment as contestants rack their brains while Mr Bean jams to Bhojpuri pop blaring through the speakers.

Adithya Nayak March 5, 20202:45 pm

Also, shoutout to about half the participants from Mono-acting Round 1 who drew inspiration from their psychotic side. Engineering much?

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20202:26 pm

Shoutout to Ritajit Dey for solving the Day 0 Newsletter Crossword!

To earn a shoutout as well, solve the Day 1 Crossword from the Newsletters available at the MIT Post kiosk outside NLH. Take a picture of the solved crossword and share it on Instagram with the tag @themitpost and you’ll be featured on our story as well as the Liveblog.

Vinayak Srivastava March 5, 20202:16 pm

Welcome to the Post’s Liveblog for Day 2 of Revels ’20. Here’s to hoping that the fest is not as dull as our liveblog from yesterday.

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20205:45 pm

That’s all for today’s updates on our liveblog. Tune in tomorrow for more of the fest, scores and banter.

Vinayak Srivastava March 4, 20205:09 pm

Head on over to the MIT Football Ground right now to watch the MIT-A Football team compete in the Revels Cup Quarter Finals!

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20204:35 pm

That’s just me warming up for tonight’s ProShow.

Vinayak Srivastava March 4, 20204:29 pm

A real-life picture of Adithya around girls.

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20204:16 pm

Check out our kiosk to play some fun games to kill time in between events.

Vinayak Srivastava March 4, 20204:11 pm

Head on over to the Post’s kiosk near NLH and grab a copy of the Day 0 Newsletter!

Remember to send in your entries for the comic on page 8 of the newsletter through Instagram, by tagging: @themitpost.

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20203:30 pm

Too many ads playing on Spotify? Tune in to Serenata at Student Plaza.

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20202:51 pm

Head over to the tennis court to watch the battle between NITT vs SSN

Adithya Nayak March 4, 20202:32 pm

After conquering a multitude of galaxies, Anakin finally succumbed to the Manipal heat.

Vinayak Srivastava March 4, 20201:53 pm

Sports Update: The cricket match between KLE and Amrita is about to start at the End Point Ground.

Vinayak Srivastava March 4, 20201:46 pm

The MIT Post Liveblog for Day 1 of Revels ’20 is now officially live. Stay tuned for updates from around the fest, along with the latest sports scores!

Adithya Nayak February 19, 20207:44 pm

Welcome to the MIT Post’s liveblog for Revels 2020! With ‘Qainaat‘ being this year’s theme, you can follow the festivities and sports scores right here on our website as well as the official Revels app even from your roomenjoying the fest from a world apart.

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