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Providing a break from the monotony of indoor activities, XVenture helped contestants experience festivities in all parts of the campus. Participants were consistently on their feet as they tested their quick thinking abilities and athletic prowess in Glitch, Labyrinth and Paradox.

Prajaktha Mallya

A fun mixture of sport and racing, Glitch was a tiring but highly gratifying obstacle race where teams of two ran through various obstacles trying to clock in the fastest time and take home the reward. From meshes and tires to balancing bars and hurdles, this course had an extremely well-balanced assortment of activities to get through. There was an added difficulty that not only required them to make it through as quickly as possible, but to do so along with their partners.

Rather than focusing on speed, if the focus was more towards balance, the course will be easier to get through. And it isn’t enough if only you are fit, your partner has to be equally athletic”, said category head, Ahlad Satyam, when asked to give advice to the participants. Clearly many thought they were sprightly enough to attempt it, because about 10 teams had registered for the event. “Though it was rather tiring, it was very fun. It does feel good to finish it. Before we began, we thought there was no way we could do this, but we made it through”, said Aman Ul Haque, a participant who had just finished his run.

All the participants who took part in this game, despite the blazing afternoon sun over the NCC Grounds, proved themselves to be highly fit. The true prize for the competitors was the feeling of accomplishment that came after crossing the finish line.

Vinayak Srivastava

Amongst the hustle and bustle of the fest, Labyrinth was a unique and innovative take at the traditional relay. Contestants powered through the various tasks, all the while braving the harsh Manipal sun and even enjoying a splash into the MIT Swimming Pool.

The event kicked off at the AB-5 overbridge, with the two members of teams of three lining up at the remaining checkpoints—the Ojas Block and the Swimming Pool. A timed run through the campus, the route took the teams on their way from the first checkpoint to the Student Plaza. Having them run behind the library building, onwards to the Ojas Block and finishing up at the Swimming Pool, the course set was a difficult one.

As the contestant commencing the run sprinted, the subsequent member had to join in, with four tyres in hand. After toting the load all the way to the Swimming Pool, the second member would then tag in his third and final teammate. The last team member was required to dive into the pool with five keys in hand, one of which opened a lock kept at the bottom, across the length of the pool. The participant would then finish the race by unlocking the padlock with the correct key from the given lot.

This event tested the contendors’ stamina, strength and agility in each of the legs of the course. A well made effort by the organisers, the event kept the participants excited and on their toes.

Vinayak Srivastava
Continuing the theme of innovating upon classic ideas, Paradox provided a much more interactive and promising version of the evergreen treasure hunt that is an event greatly participated in during most fests.The event started at the NLH, with teams of two and/or three, each allotted a separate clue. The solution to this clue led them to the next checkpoint. The successful completion of the task had rewards awaiting them at each of the checkpoints. Each completion of the round earned the teams clues for the successive tasks. The hints ranged from riddles to anagrams, and were easily solved by a few teams who consistently breezed past the stages of the event.

Sanskaar Sehgal, a first-year student at MIT was of the opinion that, “Some of the clues were weird and disconnected. The easter egg in Avengers: Infinity War, ’14 million possibilities’ was used in one of the clues and the solution to the clue was the 9th and 10th block hostels, as their ariel view resembles an infinity sign.” One clue reading ‘Bhai/Driver’, had the solution leading participants to a popular food joint, Hit and Run. Yet another clue led many astray, for it read ‘Deadpool’ and had many assuming the answer to be the PnP’s immaculately crafted Deadpool statue. However, the correct answer was the pool which lines the FC-1 entrance for it literally was, a dead pool.

Tricks such as these were used aplenty by the organisers to make this treasure hunt stand out and to provide a level of difficulty which would allow only the best to succeed. The tenth and final clue led the teams to the final checkpoint, where only the first five teams would win the event.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels ’19 

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