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Radioactive was an exciting open category at Revels’19, that required its participants to think on their feet and twist their favourite movie scenes as per their liking. Clippings of action-filled scenes from a few superhero movies were played for participants as they humorously voiced over the video.

Each contender was given only a minute to think of extremely funny alternative dialogues for a popular movie scene which had its audio muted. The witty commentary had to change the plot of the portrayed scene and amuse the judges as well as the audience at the same time. Participants were judged out of a total score of fifteen, a third of which was for the eloquence with which they performed and the remaining, for their creativity. The event might have shocked a few film fanatics as they watched a Star Wars lightsaber duel being voiced over as a Dandiya performance.  A lot of participants came up with really innovative and hilarious commentary for the movie clips that had the organisers in splits of laughter.

The impromptu nature of the game tested out the acting skills and sharp wit of the participants, all of whom thoroughly enjoyed the event. Although the event was well planned and proved to be a unique addition to the vast array of events at Revels, the organisers were a little disappointed with the turnout. With little information to convey what the event was about and a name completely unrelated to its game, the low levels of participation led to the event falling short of passion this year round.

Picture Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels’19