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MIT-DT’19 was the place to be at this years Revels if you had a penchant for getting your opinion across in a creative and logical manner while arguing. With several outstation teams and a pool of talented contestants, convincing your opponent was no easy task in this debating tournament that required you to put your best claim forward.

The MIT – Debate Tournament of Revels’19 was held across eight rooms at AB5 on the last two days of Revels.  The tournament followed the British Parliamentary format wherein four teams of two members each were divided into the proposing and opposing governments. A total of 32 teams from various cities participated in the event which is considered by many as one of the largest competitions hosted by MIT.  “Debate tournaments are always a great platform to get exposed to the various opinions and social issues. Various colleges from all over the country send contingents to debate for not only competing, but to also interact with other people and ideologies, and opinions”, said organizer Salekha Reddy, a second year Mechatronics student at MIT.

The motions for the preliminary four rounds ranged from politicisation of children to how the government’s efforts towards promoting feminism has ended up doing more harm than good. The final round’s motion was regarding the pros and cons of a world devoid of competitive sports. The participants were judged based on the quality of their argument and four worthy finalists were picked from the 32 competing teams. “The overall event ran extremely smoothly and we’re extremely happy with how it went. The quality of the participating teams were also really good and we are glad that they showed up for MIT-DT. Aside from that, the motions were nice and were extremely well received & the debates we got out of those motions were really good too.”, said organizer Moyukh Banerjee, a second year Biotechnology student at MIT.

As the results were announced and the tournament drew to a close, both participants and organisers admitted that the event was a resounding success owing to the high quality debating and fair judging.

Picture Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels’19

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