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A perfect platform for connoisseurs of photography, Lensation provided its participants with a wide variety of events. From technical events like Know Your Camera, to contests even laymen could indulge in and enjoy, like Mobile Photography, Lensation became a treasure trove for shutterbugs on campus.

Mobile Photography
Tezraj Kayshap

Outreaching the folds of conventional photography, Lensation’s Mobile Photography provided a broad platform for participants to engage and hone their skills in everyday-photography. As the name suggests, the event required the participants to mandatorily use their smartphones to click and edit pictures.

An entry by Team ID 1899, one of the top five contenders.

The category received considerable participation and involvement from non-photographers as well, as the necessity of cameras and its equipment was eliminated. The participants also had the liberty to use any application of their choice, to edit the pictures on their phone. However, they were imposed with a constraint of being allowed to submit a maximum of three pictures only. The theme of the event was to capture Revels in a picture. The one-day event saw shutterbugs racing against time and distance to find the perfect shot. However, the entries were a little short of variety as most pictures were of things one would instantly associate with Revels and thus, lacked creativity.

An entry by Team ID 1899, one of the top five contenders.

The entries were then judged on the basis of composition, aesthetics, and content, and only the first and second positions were awarded. “Mobile Photography has been gaining momentum in professional spheres lately. We want to embrace and encourage that. We want to prove that a great shot can be captured without the need for any fancy equipment. Through this category, we are also looking for more involvement from non-photographers,” said Yash Nakman, the category head of Mobile Photography. All in all, the event fulfilled its aim by managing to garner attention and awareness among the crowd.

Know Your Camera
Shreyas Kashyap

As suggested by the name, Know Your Camera, tested the participants on their technical knowledge about cameras. The task was to capture a picture solely using their cameras, with no further processing on any external software. The pictures had to be submitted directly from the camera. However, if the camera itself possessed any software to process or edit the image, the participants were allowed to use it.

The competition comprised of two rounds spread over the days of the fest. The first day followed a theme of shadows and lights, while monochrome served as the theme for the second round. The participants’ knowledge of their cameras came to the fore as they had to delve deeper and deeper into the technicalities of their device to stand out from the crowd. The low turnout stirred concern among the organizers but, despite the setbacks faced, they managed to pull together a very smoothly organised event.

Portfolio Shoot
Abhijit S

Portfolio Shoot by Lensation was the ideal setting for people looking to put their model-photography skills to the test. It was a team event, consisting of two rounds which spanned over the three days of Revels. Each team could have one model and up to two photographers.

An entry by team ID 1708 for round 1.

In the first round, teams were given the freedom to send in portfolios on any theme of their liking. Participants were judged on the basis of the aesthetics, creativity, and originality of their portfolios. The turnout was very low―a total of six teams participated in the preliminary round. “This a niche event, so we weren’t expecting many participants. But the turnout was better last year”, said Siddhesh Kadam, a Category Head and a 3rd year EEE student, on being asked about it.

An entry by team ID 1787 for the second round.

Of the initial six, three teams made it to the second round. The teams received 24 hours to create a portfolio using the theme—high fashion Vogue Magazine cover. “The quality of a portfolio is determined by how the photographer can portray the model within the theme”, said Prekshit Satyarthi, an Event Head and a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student. “The theme we received for the finals was quite good. The organisers were very efficient and have done a good job of hosting the event,” said Allan Castelino, a photographer from SOAHS. In a nutshell, Lensation’s Portfolio Shoot was a well-organised event, which witnessed creative photography despite the poor turnout.

Product Shoot
Nitesh Agarwal

Lensation’s Product Shoot, spread over the first three days of Revels, brought in a plethora of breath-taking pictures of inanimate objects.

An entry by team ID 0698 for the first round.

The first day of the event consisted only of the registration procedure and received 10 teams. On the second day, the participants were tasked with clicking photographs of energy drinks as the product. The contestants had the freedom of choosing the location for the shoot.

An entry by team ID 1778 for the final round.

However, on the third day, the participants had to use the make-do studio set up by the organisers, complete with lighting and other equipment. The contestants needed to click pictures of a Supervek wallet for the final round. Of the registered 10, only 4 qualified to this round. “The images this year were of exceptional. It’s a classic quality over quantity situation,” said Sahil Bora, the category head of Lensation.

Photo Exhibit
Prajyoth K

Photo Exhibit by Lensation gave MITians an insight into the immense treasure trove of photography talent blossoming in the campus. Among the madness and mayhem of Revels, some people stood for a moment to appreciate the beauty of a thousand words. The photographs were captured and developed by the PAV team.

The exhibition took place near the stairs of the Innovation Center, with the pictures being pinned on a board. With great themes being covered, ranging from Dystopian photography and architectural masterpieces to casual pictures of animals, the event managed to stick to its objective. Further, the photographs were updated on every day of the fest. “Our aim was to bring forward the under-appreciated art of photography to the masses, and to make a statement by utilizing the immense talent at our disposal,” said an organiser.  Despite the delay in the commencing of the exhibition due to technical difficulties, the team managed to successfully capture everyone’s attention.  Aniruddh Mallya, a student, aptly summarised by saying “There was a lot of interesting stuff going on in the campus but this still managed to catch my eye. Good work by the photographers!

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