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Catering to a range of people from Harry Potter fans to history buffs, Iridescent delivered on all fronts as it kept its participants challenged and entertained throughout the fest. Through it’s four events—Mischief Managed, Bamboozled, Jeopardy and Unearth—Iridescent succeeded in setting up a competitive and energized atmosphere among the attendees.

Mischief Managed
Shruti Wagle

A dream come true for Potterheads everywhere, Mischief Managed was a remarkable platform for fans of the series to come together and test their knowledge of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The first round was a written test where the participants were asked a few questions based on the books and a few on logical reasoning. The subjective questions analysed the character of the contestants. Based on this, they were sorted into the four Hogwarts houses in the subsequent round.

Sixteen students moved ahead to the next round where they were sorted into their respective houses. A sorting ceremony was held, with one of the organisers perfectly, albeit hilariously, playing the role of the Sorting Hat’s voice. The second round comprised of three stages. In the first stage, each member was given a single object as a clue. They had to individually identify which place, featured in the Harry Potter books, was being referenced by the clue. This was linked to the second stage where the participants were given 8 places from The Wizarding World. They had to arrange the places in the order that they were visited in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The third stage consisted of a maze relay where the four members of each house had to solve a maze one after the other. Along with this, they were each given a riddle to crack as well.

The third and final round took place on the last day of Revels. The participants were each given customized wands to cast their spells. A complex yet accurate board game was created featuring places in and around Hogwarts. The players started the game in the common rooms of their respective houses. They moved to classrooms where they could learn spells and potions that could later be used as offence or defence against another team. These spells were given out on cards akin to Pokemon cards.

A flawless combination of all things Harry Potter, the event did not leave much to be asked for. Regardless of whether one was a Wizarding World novice or veteran, there was something in it for everyone. It was immensely enjoyed by all those present and there was indeed mischief managed.

Harshita Binani

Bamboozled, based on the popular TV show Friends, was one of the most popular events of Iridescent. Despite being taken off the air more than ten years ago, this show still boasts of a very big fan following. The first round saw immense participation with close to 50 teams fighting for a spot in the second round. Primarily based on Friends trivia, this pen and paper round saw the participants delve deep into their knowledge of the show to find the perfect answer.

The second round was divided into three subsections. The first part had each team, from amongst the eight that had qualified, pick up a packet containing the names of ingredients written on small chits of paper. They had to arrange the ingredients in such a way that they could form a dish from the show. Following that, the second part of this round had the teams choose balloons and attempt to burst these balloons as they sat on them. A series of questions were to be answered in the time taken to complete these tasks. The last subsection was a rapid fire round. One member of the team had to answer as many questions as they could while the other one had to take consecutive laps across the room on an exercise ball. One of the most fun rounds of the event, it drew a lot of laughs.

The final round had four teams battle to the finish line. This round had multiple subsections as well. In the first part, one member of each team had to pick up a chit and continuously switch between answering questions and performing the task given to them. They were marked according to their accuracy in both. The second subsection involved the participants performing a task as a team. The final sub-round saw a showdown between two teams. With a modification of Spin the Wheel, this round was the ultimate test of how well they remembered the intricate details of the show.

A complete success, this event was enjoyed by participants and organisers alike. “We are really happy with the participation and it is great to see the enthusiasm of the participants”, said Sruthi Kumar, one of the event-heads. The brilliant execution of this event made sure that the experience will stay with the contestants for a long time.

Ankitha Giridhar

While Poirot and Holmes certainly deserve to be hailed as the geniuses they are, almost everyone secretly possesses admiration for Moriarty and his schemes. Iridescent catered to everybody’s hibernating evil streak with its much-adored event, Jeopardy.

Round one, a written round, saw an overwhelming response, reminiscent of last year, with more than 65 pairs of wannabe criminals turning up to get their hands dirty. A paper riddled with puzzles had participants challenged and excited for the next round.

The competitive spirit was high in the criminal den, with only eight duos making the cut for Round two. Following the tame written round, things escalated quickly with the participants suddenly finding themselves imprisoned. The scenes that unfolded seemed to have been taken right out of an escape drama. The teams had to clear mini-games that involved forgery, maze navigation, and defusing bombs. Further authenticating the criminal vibe, was a bidding round with participants gambling their existing points for direct clues.

After the points were tallied and each mini-game was scored, only half the teams saw their jailbreak dreams come true. Round three was the most intense round yet, consisting of a board game that took the teams across a map, completing various jobs to earn points, including killing and rescuing.

We were quite pleased with the turnout. We expected around 50 teams, but more than a hundred turned up”, gushed Kunwar Jeswani, an organiser for the event. “Honestly, we were surprised to see so many MITians interested in crime”, added Mayank Arora, another organiser. Jeopardy has always been a revered event, and with its extraordinarily planned activities and the meticulous team behind the organisation of the event, it was certainly one that stood out brilliantly this Revels.

Janmejay Chakravarty

Unearth was an interesting history based event that reminisced age-old strategy war games like Civilization and Age of Empires. Round one of Unearth was a written test, with a total of 23 teams participating in this round. This written test was especially challenging with the participants being quizzed about a myriad of historical facts. A total of four teams qualified from the first round, and the grand total of their scores from the next two rounds was used to determine the winner.

An intense board game for the second round saw the four teams compete as four civilizations, trying to spread their influence across the world. With resources such as Gold, Soldiers and Scholars, the four teams embarked on epic quests of Global Domination. The game had specified routes, which led to various cities, which could be influenced by solving puzzles and riddles. Special cities, called Artifact cities, had tougher challenges and required more gold to be spent to gain entry and spread influence. However, it offered more loot and once influenced, disappeared from the map. While multiple teams could try their hand at the same cities, in the end only one team would be able to gain dominance.

Round three, saw the four teams battle it out against each other on a specially designed 19×19 chess board. Each team was designated a special civilization – The Romans, The Greeks, The Mongols and The Mughals. Each army consisted of foot soldiers, cavalrymen, and heavy weapons. Corresponding to their civilizations, the teams had a special attack and defence moves. The objective of each team was to get one of its pieces to the Library of Alexandria and obtain blackmail to be used against the competing Kings. Once all the civilizations had accessed the Library, it would be removed from the board, opening the field for battle. The civilizations were allowed to team up, while the messengers of each kingdom were allowed to go to other kingdoms and threaten them, in an attempt to win over their civilizations without war.

This intense and exciting event saw the participants battle it out with each other, letting strategy and awareness take the foreground. It tested the planning and strategic skills of all the participants and left them all wanting more.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels ’19