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Revels’19—Haute Couture

Fashion Show
Rasika Murali

On the evening of 6th March 2019, the stage was set for Haute Coutre’s trademark event—the Fashion Show. Dr Aafreen Vaz, the runner-up of Miss India 2015 graced the event as the judge and took part in lively interactions with the participants and the audience. Despite the three-hour delay in the commencement of the competition, the event had the audience captivated until the end.

The fashion show began with members of the Student Council and MJBub, the mascot of Revels ’19, walking the ramp in title sponsor Reliance Trends’ clothes. Following this, five teams presented their interpretation of the theme—Dark Romanticism—which, as described by the anchors, aimed to showcase the iniquity that lies within humans. The teams let their creativity loose as they displayed variations of the theme, from Victorian Goth to Romantic Goth and punk. Deep exotic colours of black, burgundy, and plum adorned the stage, further enhancing the mystery associated with the given theme.

The second round commenced after team four was forced to perform again due to a technical glitch in their first performance. Round Two was a questionnaire round, with each team being represented by two of its members. The questions were thought-provoking and centred around the participant’s perception of Gothic fashion. An example of one such purposeful question was: “If you had unlimited resources, what would you create for a charity that is inspired by Gothic fashion?” All the answers emphasised the belief that the Goth subculture is more than just a fashion statementit is a feeling and lifestyle, representing the loneliness, confusion, and seclusion in one’s life.

After the round, Dr Aafreen Vaz spoke to the students about her journey from being a medical student to a model and finally back to being a doctor. She reminded students that they should not give up on their dreams and passions just because they are pursuing engineering. She reiterated multiple times that a person gets to choose how their life shapes up and that they should follow the path of their hearts irrespective of what their peers tell them. Her talk concluded the event on a high note with the participants feeling inspired and excited for their next foray into the world of fashion.

Picture Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels ’19

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