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Those who have a flair for answering riddles, figuring out puzzles, and weaving creative tales would have felt right at home at Ergo. Here’s a look at the events that required participants to put on their thinking caps and analyse the problems handed out to them.

Creative Writing
Abhijit Shera Rajanish

Creative Writing was a test of the participants’ creativity and ability to think out of the box. It was an individual event with two rounds. In round one, the contestants were given 5 prompts to choose from and they had 90 minutes to write a literary text using their chosen prompt. The prompts, which included statements, quotes, and pictures, were unconventional and open to interpretation.

One prompt was a picture of a sofa in a field with lightning in the background. Another was a quote which read, ‘Your, uh…your mic is on’. “The prompts were deep and thought-provoking. They gave us scope to do whatever we wanted”, said Saharsh Ranjan, a first-year Mechanical Engineering student. “The turnout wasn’t as good as anticipated. It would have been better if Vigilance had let the latecomers participate instead of just turning them away”, said Sanjana Suresh, an Event Head, when asked about the turnout.

For the second round, the prompts that the contestants received were pieces of music. “Seeing as music brings out certain emotions in us, it’s only logical that you would use music as prompts for creative writing”, said Subhapratik Nayak, an Event Head. “This is a new concept and I’ve never encountered anything like this before,” said Anupriya Singpuri, a first-year Biotechnology student. Most of the participants were able to quote lyrics from their favourite songs and even talk about their passion for a particular genre of music due to the nature of the prompt.

An otherwise interesting event, it suffered a few hiccups due to miscommunication among certain Vigilance members. The paper that listed the judgement criteria failed to reach the judges on time, leading to a few issues with the grading of the writers. In the end, however, the participants and organisers rose to the occasion to ensure that the event ended on a positive note.

Prajaktha Mallya

A fun, lively and friendly event, Ergo’s Potpourri was a two-day event which took place on days 2 and 4 of Revels and proved to be an absolute hit with the participants. The first day consisted of a written round with anagrams and other such word games and participants had fun making puns while solving the word puzzles.

While the first round was rather quiet, as it was mostly writing based, the second round saw a lot more friendly banter between the participants and organisers. This round had a bunch of party games such as dumb charades, Pictionary, 20 questions and so on. There were six games in total, where the groups of three tried to gain as many points as possible. The audience watching was also incredibly agitated as each team tried to guess what was being conveyed by their members. The atmosphere was fun, with participants arguing with organisers for extra time and trying to insist the other teams didn’t get it right.

Anjani Mishra, one of the participants said “I was here last year as well. I enjoy the word games and play on words. I look forward to doing it this year too”. The event had about 10-15 teams registered, leaving the organisers happy with the turnout. Certainly, the students here enjoy party games as much as the next person, or sometimes even more, making this event an instant success.

General Quiz
Tushar Nayak

Ergo began its chapter of Revels with a bang with the General Quiz. Set by renowned quizmaster Major Chandrakant Nair, and hosted by Ayush Malvia and Rohit Nair, this event was attended by a pleasantly large number of contestants in teams of three. Round one, held at NLH, was a written round where over 30 teams competed to be the top 8 to qualify for the finals. With questions ranging from nearly everything, the energetic audience set the mood as participants asked for and blocked hints. “This was a really good set of questions with an appropriate difficulty level and a lot of fun”, said participant and second-year student, Nishant M Kashyap.

The final round of the quiz was held at M V Seminar Hall and witnessed 8 teams battle tough questions and even tougher competition to claim the top prize. The finals was a combination of written and oral rounds, with participants once again actively blocking hints from the quiz-masters and answering questions with a previously unseen eagerness. “The turnout was absolutely great and we’re happy that there weren’t any major issues during either round of the event.” , said host Ayush Malviya.

Tushar Nayak

The MELAS (Music, Entertainment, Literature, Arts, and Sports) quiz was organized as part of Ergo and witnessed a large number of participants in teams of three competing to be a part of the top eight, to qualify for the final round. No stone from either of the five domains was left unturned here, as questions ranged from the Medieval era art to modern EDM, Olympics from the 1900s to the latest sport related biopics. Following the preliminary written round, the qualifying teams were asked to assemble at the M V Seminar hall for the finals.

It was in the finals that the quiz took an unexpected turn because despite being set in the same format as the General Quiz, the questions asked were very different. The finals had two rounds exclusively having questions from different domains pertaining to medicine and military strategies. Due to all the pouncing and bouncing by participants, the audience was kept on the edge of their seats throughout the quiz. The event was anchored by quizmasters Krittibas Majumdar, Aashish Rao and  Abhishek Batani. “With this chapter of the MELAS quiz, we wanted it to show our quizzers about how what everyone considers to be entertainment has taught us and can continue to teach us about many things that we wouldn’t necessarily think are a part of MELAS, namely – medicine & military.”, said Abhishek Batani. The quizmasters were happy with the turnout of the event and the participants were pleased with the quality of the questions asked.

India Quiz
Trisha Celine

India Quiz was a test of knowledge held on day three of Revels for quizzing enthusiasts who wanted to be challenged on their knowledge of our motherland. A large turnout pleased the organisers as the participants took part in two challenging rounds, with many getting eliminated with each passing round.

The first round was a written round that had small groups of people answering questions that touched upon the length and breadth of India and also its geographical statistics. Hints were given for selected questions and negative marks were allotted for incorrect answers, increasing the difficulty of the quiz. The top eight teams were granted entry to the final round.

The final round comprised of two quizzes containing questions with varying levels of difficulty. The questions proved to be more challenging and covered areas such as politics and the environment. “It was a good quiz and I wished it was longer. They had a good set of questions. All three quizzes were great,” said Sai Krishna V, a KMC student who had taken part in the event.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography Team, Revels’19