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Xventure had something for all the adventure enthusiasts in town. With action-packed and challenging events, it received a positive response from participants.

Vedant Seigell

Picture Credits: Sudarshan Satyamoorthy

In a manner akin to that of “The Amazing Race”, Labyrinth, under the category Xventure, put the participants through a gruelling relay race that took them all across campus. It was a test of physical endurance and skill as ten teams of three people each participated in the event with specific tasks set out for every individual.

The first person had to painstakingly jumar up to the bridge in AB-5, and hand his baton to his teammate. The teammate then cycled along a specific route up till Kamath Circle beyond which he was made to sprint till the MIT Swimming Pool. The third and final stretch of the relay race involved the baton being placed at the bottom of the pool, which was retrieved by the third member before the timer was finally stopped.

There was no room for error as the team that finished the event in the fastest time would win the event. The event lasted throughout the day as every team was given a specific slot to complete the course in. The fastest team finished the course in a record 4 minutes and 20 seconds. It was an event that was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. The thrill of going against the clock and competing against 9 other teams in this physical event had the adrenalin flowing second to none.

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