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Revels’18—Live blog

For the people who are looking for a laugh or are too lazy to get out of bed, the Revels live blog is back for another four days. Stay tuned as we bring you updates from MIT’s annual cultural and sports festival.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20181:32 pm

Hello MIT, the fest is already in full swing and we’re here with our Live Blog to help you keep in touch with Revels. Stay tuned for fun updates.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20181:40 pm

PNP’s long nights have really paid off, and this trippy art piece at NLH is one piece of supporting evidence. Keep an eye out for more masterpieces around the campus.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20181:48 pm

Sitting around and waiting for the events to begin, a lot of people must be unsure if MIT operates on IST or not.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:05 pm

Binge Yard has rolled into Revels. After you try the food, check out our interview with them to know a little more about what goes on behind the windshield.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:08 pm

Choli ke neeche kya hain

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:13 pm

Unlike at the Food Court, these televisions will play more than just 9XM

Shubham Natraj March 7, 20182:27 pm

When you love basketball but have to settle for bowling

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:29 pm

JAM (the event, not the Proshow feature) is getting quite lively, with people injuring themselves by banging their fists on the table too hard.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:30 pm

Chuning Exam is an invigilator’s nightmare as students perfect their cheating skills.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:36 pm

Redefining Recycling Traditions.

Though its good enough to be used in two fests.

Shubham Natraj March 7, 20182:39 pm

When you’re late for class and the lift isn’t working

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20182:47 pm

Burn off the calories from all the food stalls at Nutrifix

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20183:06 pm

All the hard work will be somewhat rewarded

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20183:35 pm

In MIT, sending someone to The Wall isn’t really a punishment

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20183:44 pm

Overheard conversations: “Sab Apne hi bande aa rahe hain participate karne,” says an organiser. It’s all our people coming to participate.

Anshumanth Rao March 7, 20183:50 pm

I’m not entirely sure what he’s up to

Sai Vignesh March 7, 20183:55 pm

Looks like he wants to get up close and personal.

Sai Vignesh March 7, 20184:01 pm

Do you know da wey?

Sriya Koduru March 7, 20184:01 pm

Hi. I’m Sriya. I’m live-blogging for those too lazy to get out of bed because I am too lazy to get out of bed.

Rhitam Dutta March 7, 20184:04 pm

“Toote huye aashiqon ki kami nahi hai”. Slam poetry, bringing all the single engineers together.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:05 pm

Well, hello, guys. It’s been quite a while, and I can’t say that I haven’t missed u

Not unlike the Quadrangle’s backdrop.

Sriya Koduru March 7, 20184:09 pm

Karan, where’s your sense of humour when we’re making our newsletters?

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:13 pm

Well, my humour is right on point. It just goes over your head, I guess
(P.S. Sriya is really short)
Talking about newsletters, I hope you’ve collected your copy!

Sai Vignesh March 7, 20184:14 pm

Takeshi’s Castle had more people bowling. And they were the pins.

Rhitam Dutta March 7, 20184:16 pm

The perfect way to strengthen our country’s economy doesn’t exi..

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:18 pm

The newsletters are compiled and curated throughout the four sleepless nights of Revels. I usually run into people who tell me that I look so disheveled that I need some sleep–while a friend today subtly asked me for the parlour’s timings.

I have been fixing my hair ever since.

Sriya Koduru March 7, 20184:21 pm

It’s okay, Karan. Revel in the fact that not everything can be fixed by a trip to the salon.

Sriya Koduru March 7, 20184:26 pm

In other news, we heard some bass and piano at Unplugged today. I guess we’re redefining words now too?

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:27 pm

So much Urdu in Slam Poetry–if only we could address the winners of Slam Poetry on Prize Distribution Day by saying, “Inshallah. Bois played well.”

*feminists want to know why the gals didn’t play well.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:31 pm

From Rhytham to inaugral, redefining words has indeed been the tradition at Revels, Sriya.

Rhitam Dutta March 7, 20184:36 pm

Naruto, every time Sasuke ignores and passes by him. Facial cues 10/10.

Sai Vignesh March 7, 20184:37 pm

Low cost cosplay, done the right way.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20184:38 pm

“Bro, do you have perm?”
“No bro. Why do you ask?”
“Oh, nothing much. We were just planning to stream the match tonight.”
“Erm, what?”
“Work. I said work. We really need to work hard on our category.”

Sriya Koduru March 7, 20184:43 pm

While we’re on the topic of eavesdropping on people’s conversations, here’s what we overheard at NLH today: “The Proshow songs have been playing long enough in my head to make me actually buy tickets.”

GG max, Proshow.

Suruchi Narang March 7, 20185:17 pm

If you want to invest in pretty Manipal-themed postcards and posters, head over to MIT alumnus- Heena Shah’s stall in NLH. There’s even a calendar featuring Deetee! 🍻

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:26 pm

Slam poetry has begun in the garden behind the Display Board.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:35 pm

“ICAS just scored against MIT-A. Huh.”

Reporting can even take place over chai and erm, other delicacies. You just need to keep your ears open.
Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:36 pm

Disclaimer: That was a subtle hint to When Chai met Toast. Mostly.

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20185:45 pm

Sorry, I’m late to the party everyone, unlike Karan, I was actually participating in Revels.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:49 pm

Proof that Revels isn’t in jeopardy. 150+ participants, and still increasing in number!

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:50 pm

Hello, Vanika. For everybody who doesn’t know this, Vanika has a particular proclivity towards being disabled–she is more careless than Nymphadora Tonks.
One could even say that she is always in Jeopardy

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:51 pm

Okay, that was a rather lame joke.
And no, I am not talking about Vanika.

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20185:54 pm

Tags are the Aadhar of college during Revels.”

So what does that make Vigilance?

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20185:56 pm

Please notice that I have taken the high road and not responded to your jibe.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20185:56 pm

Cows of Hindutva is a rather entertaining page on Facebook.
We thought of doing a segment named ‘Cows of Revels’.
But then we realised that Square Ruth hadn’t brought any, this time around.

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20185:57 pm

Yeah, instead we’re treated to the sacrilege that is chicken bacon.

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20186:05 pm

Meanwhile, Informals seems to have really stepped up their game

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20186:07 pm

Karan hear me out here, what if, what if, we turn this into a live newsfeed of Revels’ gossip?

Karan Hiranandani March 7, 20186:13 pm

What do you mean, what if?

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20186:14 pm

I’m going to take that as a yes.

Vanika Rakshit March 7, 20186:17 pm

On that note, as Day 1 of Revels draws to an end, we’re going to take this opportunity to try the food stalls before the crowd comes in.

Tune in tomorrow, we’ll bring you updates, and Karan-approved gossip.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20181:36 pm

We’re back on Day 2 of Revels with the Live Blog. Some things clicked and some didn’t on the first day; our newsletters will be hitting the streets soon, pick one up for more on this. While you wait for them, here’s a peek at the cover, in the hands of our EIC.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20181:40 pm

Day 2 seems to be off on a slightly noisy start, with some loud music in the NLH area worrying one or two people setting up for an event there. Well, one’s man music is another man’s noise I suppose.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20181:59 pm

We’re thinking of dedicating a section of this Live Blog to people’s wild throws at the bowling “alley”.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20182:10 pm

We’ve spotted an organiser dragging his friend into the event. Talk about peer pressure.

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20182:16 pm

Peer pressure? Sounds an awful lot like my current situation: having to LiveBlog with no sense of humour.

Hi, guys. I’m back.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20182:20 pm

An organiser announced that those in the finals were not to leave the room, but there was a bit of awkwardness as one participant walks up and says “mujhe bathroom jaana hai bhai”.
Too much ice gola?

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20182:35 pm
Something as natural and ubiquitous as menstruation has bagged in a plethora of stigmas around it.
So on the occasion of International Women’s day, join the Scio Foundation in an open discussion about menstruation, taboos, politics, rules, and experiences.
1:45 pm, IC stairs. Today.
Let’s talk.

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20182:48 pm

The Day 2 Newsletters are out!
We have a kiosk put up near the NLH area, so grab your copy!

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20182:52 pm

Shipwreck at Extempore: Convince the judge yours is the character most worthy of being saved on a sinking ship.
Jack from Titanic, Maria from Sound of Music, Harry Potter, and the alien from Avatar.
I hope they picked Jack, he drowned once already, that’s enough trauma for one person.

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20182:59 pm

With the water crisis we’re having here at Manipal, I don’t think drowning’s a concern, Anshu.

Karan Hiranandani March 8, 20183:42 pm
All the Categories are requested to use their Food Tokens today itself before 6 at the MIT Cafeteria.
Failing to do so, will result in reducing the token count for your Category by half.

Do you think an HFS organiser has more coins or tokens in his or her wallet right now?

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20183:46 pm

Coins are short-lived in Manipal, Karan. I was once forced to pay an auto-driver 27 rupees in change.

Karan Hiranandani March 8, 20183:49 pm

Stop giving them ideas. They may just make the food tokens a legitimate form of payment for auto-rickshaws. Can you imagine an HFS organiser saying, “Bro, I can now go to Udupi for free”?
No, wait. I think free food at food stalls is better.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20183:50 pm

I don’t know about free food, but you can get Maggi and a Nescafe drink for 50 bucks at the Nescafe food stall.

Cheap thrills, indeed.

Karan Hiranandani March 8, 20183:52 pm

“One way to avoid sessionals is getting a medical certificate from KMC for an illness or a serious injury.”
“Say no more.”

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20183:54 pm

On a different note, we hear that people are now asking for event-related answers on their class WhatsApp groups.

Where was all this dedication during open-book assignments?

Karan Hiranandani March 8, 20183:58 pm

The only people that can prevent cheating in open-book assignments are members of the Vigilance crew.
Chaud is a feeling which impresses and intimidates.

Karan Hiranandani March 8, 20184:06 pm

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that the organisers of Slam Poetry shall be providing every performer with a rose so that he or she can also add a “He loves me, he loves me not” segment to their act

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20184:20 pm

Ten points to Gryffindor if you guess what this word is supposed to be

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20184:30 pm

Talking about Harry Potter, Mischief Managed managed to garner a good amount of Potterheads.

The Sorting Hat tried its best to work its magic, but alas, not everyone had a place at Hogwarts.

Anshumanth Rao March 8, 20184:37 pm

Overheard conversation: “Bro, every time I blink, I get scared that I’ll fall alseep”

Sriya Koduru March 8, 20184:40 pm

After sleepless nights at NLH for Revels’ newsletters, The Post feels the same way.

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:00 pm

This is how my hostel’s caretakers welcome me when I’m late.

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:06 pm

Not to be that person, but what’s Mr Bean looking at?

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:12 pm

The obstacle course at King of the Mountains is giving me flashbacks of my first day at college. All I did was go around in circles.

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:20 pm

Quick question, what has more bugscafeteria food or SLCM?

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:34 pm

MIT has a good lead in just one quarter and yet close to no support.

On the other hand, the outstation team seems to have trouble keeping up with the score. Perhaps the ball was infused with onions.

Suruchi Narang March 8, 20185:46 pm

As the second day of Revels comes to a close, I’m overwhelmed with the desperate need to take a nap.

On that note, goodbye, good night, and see you soon.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20181:47 pm

Good morning afternoon, and welcome back to the Revels’18 Live Blog!

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20181:50 pm

Organisers of Nritryanjali are checking for a pulse on their event; with just one participant showing up, they have to decide whether to go ahead or not.
Whoever is reading this, run to the event, you might make some easy money.

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20181:52 pm

Public service announcement: Beware of the wind when eating the potato tornadoes.
“I don’t know how it was but my eyes said it was tasty when the wind blew its masala into them. 7/10 might try again with safety glasses,” says Shriya Atmakuri.
You know what they say, it’s the things you love that hurt you the most.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20181:58 pm

And speaking of things you love, grab the Day 4 newsletter from your nearest Post-man/woman!

Shameless promotions, FTW.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20182:11 pm


…wait for it…


Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20182:19 pm

Harmony is taking place in front of IC right now.

It really makes you wonder if countless hours of bathroom-singing might actually pay off.

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20182:25 pm

You’re going to need these when it hits you that the whole of Revels is a portkey to Sessionals week.

(Sigh, I’m quoting our own newsletter. )

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20182:26 pm

So the Binge Yard food truck has a dish called ‘Messy O’s’.

“Two Messy O’s, coming right up.”

Say that aloud in your head and tell us what it sounds like.

Suruchi Narang March 10, 20182:56 pm

They’re playing Mambo No. 5 at the Nutrifix stall.

Overheard: “What happened to Mambo No. 1, 2, 3, and 4?”
Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20183:17 pm

Mr Blob bought a shawarma (or Sharma, if you live in the 17th block) at one of the food stalls and found a fly in it. He tells us he considered eating around it and then asking for a replacement to make the most of it.
How broke are people?

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20183:26 pm

They’re broke enough to do a 5-minute plank for a protein shake.

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20183:51 pm

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20184:15 pm


Sriya Koduru March 10, 20184:35 pm

Doesn’t look like he needs any more protein shakes.

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20185:01 pm

There are reports of organisers luring participants to their events by offering food tokens for referrers. Not a bad deal at all.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20185:04 pm

If I was offered food tokens to attend 8 AM lectures, I’d never be distressed about my attendance on SLcM again.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20185:44 pm

Over the past four days, we’ve seen tornadoes made of potatoes, all black instead of all white, and a new set of spelling errors.

Revels’18 has done a good job of sticking to its theme Redefining Traditions.

Anshumanth Rao March 10, 20185:52 pm

Here’s an old photo that we came across a while ago: the Revels fest of 1989. We’ve come a long way since then and there’s a long way left to go.

Sriya Koduru March 10, 20185:54 pm

It’s been a delightful four days, guys. But sadly, all good things must come to an end.

We, at the Post, extend a huge shoutout to the core committee of Revels’18 and its organisers.

An even bigger shoutout to the organisers of Proshow for an amalgamation of some of the best live performances for each day of Revels’18. We are grateful for all your effort.

With that, we bid you adieu. See you next fest!