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Revels’18 — Iridescent

Arguably the most successful event at Revel’18, Blank 101 presented this years Iridescent, jam-packed with activities that had everyone participating impressed. With no two of its events alike, they did a great job giving contestants everything they could have asked for, leaving them wanting more. 


Mischief Managed 
Kritika Batra

Mischief managed drew all the Potterheads on campus with a chance to be a part of the wizarding world. The first round was a written test with two sections, the first being trivia-based, where the participants flaunted their knowledge of the Harry Potter universe. The second section was a personality test that gauged their emotional quotient based on which the participants were sorted into the Hogwarts houses, namely Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

Picture Courtesy: Ronson Lobo

The second round began with the sorting ceremony, complete with the sorting hat, the background score, and an immensely entertaining impression of the sorting hat which was done by Mohammed Rauhaan, the Category Head of the event. An introductory lesson of Care of the Magical Creatures was organised to prepare the participants to duel against their opponents, the dragons. The aim of the round was to create four spells with varying percentages of strength, agility, and accuracy. These spells were fed into a computer program that enabled the participants to battle dragons, the Triwizard Tournament way. The criteria for judgment was the functionality and accuracy of the spells. In the time being there were mini-games such as Pictionary and guess who that the contestants could indulge in.

For the final round, the remaining participants had a combination of mazes that they needed to find a way out of. With many obstacles in each path they opted for, it was a little hard for some contestants to find the right way out of the many permutations possible. “The event relied mostly on how well one knew the Potterverse. The individual games weren’t very challenging but were quite witty. It was more than just old-school trivia, with just the right amount of fun” said Aditya Sriram, a participant.


Athulya Mohandas

Friend’s ruled television networks for over a decade, thereby still attracting a great deal of admiration from all over the world. Joey having won the audience over, with his (almost) time in the spotlight as a game show host in a Season 8 episode, inspired Iridescent to create Bamboozled.
The first round was a written round that had primary Friend’s trivia. Owing to the popularity of the show, the quiz witnessed a good turnout of over 120 participants.

The second round had a Pictionary, with titles of Friend’s episodes being used as clues. The second section required the participants to guess which minor character was being referred to, but they had little to work with as obvious clues weren’t allowed. The third subsection combined a Minute To Win It inspired game show and a listing game. Stacking peanuts while listing Rachel’s boyfriends proved to be harder than expected.
The final round had six teams contesting against each other in three different sub-rounds.

The first round had them guessing what followed a video clip which was shown while the second round had questions on minor things from the show and proved to be difficult as the contestants had a tough time remembering such specific details. The final round was a rapid fire round, with a twist. One participant had to race a ball across a short distance while sitting on it and the other had to answer nine questions as fast as they could.
“Your butt needs to be in contact with the ball at all times”, said Mrigakshi, the Event Head, initiating roars of laughter across the room. At the end of this round, points were tallied, and one team was adjudged the winner.
The excellent turnout and positive comments highlight how fun this event and it’s safe to say Joey would have been proud of this one.


Sayonee Nandi

Paving the way for future criminal masterminds like Moriarty, Jeopardy, under the category of Iridescent, kick-started Day 1 of Revel’18 with its paper and pen round.

Due to the overwhelming turnout, organizers found it difficult to accommodate all the participants in the same room, thus delaying the commencement of the event. However, the competent Category Head, Rauhaan, along with his team solved the problem quickly. Once the engines started running, participants took off, working their way through the interesting event.

Picture Courtesy: Rishabh Kant

The three-round event revolved around the idea of lowly thugs moving up the ladder to claim the title of the crown prince of crimes.The first round had participants solve a questionnaire based on logical thinking. Round two (held on the second day of Revels) was more about opening minds to a larger horizon. From an ocean of teams, merely eight teams made it to this round. The competitors were to take part in a set of mini games that for one, tricked their minds and tested their capacity to withstand hardships in a field where one has to overthrow the other to move forward.

The final round, held on the last day of Revels, was the game changer day. Comprising of a game designed for criminals, it brought out the very worst in the participants. The game had all kinds of features that enabled the player to either move forward or get left behind. Every resource that came forward was thoroughly explained by the event heads and organizers making it a very smooth process.

All in all, it was a beautifully organized game of wits, the case unfolded in a very interesting format, leaving behind a fresh imprint of memories for few and a life time experience for the others.


Abhilash Panda

Organized under the category Iridescent, Unearth saw participant’s fight it out across three days in a goal to establish their influence over the civilized world. Unearth took to the floors on the second day of Revels  with a written round, designed to test the participant’s knowledge on ancient history, with the winners making it further in the competition. This round also had secrets of its own, with seven questions having highlighted letters which when arranged in a specific way gave a hint to the participants.

Day 3 saw the second round of Unearth, with the knowledge of the past tested. Participants were now confronted with an elaborately designed board game through which they had navigate. In this turn-based game, teams were given the chance to explore the cities on a map, answering riddles to bring in much needed lucre, and also leaving behind teachers to spread the ideas of their civilization. Gold aside, teams also had artifacts and other treasures to look forward to while all the time looking out for raids by pirates, bandits- just like yonder.

With the second round done and dusted, the teams moved to the third and final round which sees all the civilizations finally coming face to face in an epic battle to bring down each other- not by bloodshed but by unearthing its secrets and putting it out in the open with the scene being the beacon of knowledge in the ancient word- the Library of Alexandria. Helping them in this round were specialized armed units- including the fabled Immortal Legions of the Romans and the indomitable Elephants of Doom of the Mughals.

Picture Courtesy: Garv Anand

The third round is where they continued with their conquest the goal this time being to gain control of the home of knowledge in the ancient world, the library of Alexandria with the winners of the first round given an edge over their rivals.

Unearth saw some enthusiastic participation thanks to their beautifully thought over and well laid out ideas most notably the games featuring in the second and third round which though a bit involved, were incredibly exciting and not only for the participants but for the audience as well.