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Revels’18 — Footloose

Two of a Kind
Vedant Seigell

Dance is a form of art that transcends languages and words, and invokes emotions in anyone who bears witness to it. With a significant outstation presence, Footloose’s Two of a Kind was a success before the music even started playing. Fourteen teams participated, competing in various styles, ranging from hip-hop and popping & locking to classical and contemporary.

Picture Credits:  Nithin

Each team got two-to-three minutes to perform on songs of their own choice. Every performance left the audience speechless and asking for more. Five teams from the original fourteen qualified for round two. They were judged on the basis of their choreography, stage coordination and improvisation by Mrs. Vidya Pai and Ms. Athmiaa Rai, the esteemed judges for the evening. The five teams that qualified were each given a song at random and fifteen minutes to prepare a choreography, thereby testing how creative and well-coordinated the participants truly were. All the teams however were up to the challenge as they came up with truly breathtaking performances and the fact that they did it in the given time constraints was inspiring. The evening was one to remember for the jam-packed audience who couldn’t help but watch with admiration as the beautiful display of dance left them exhilarated and ecstatic.

When asked what it was like performing, Ashvijay Choudhri, one of the participants’ from the evening claimed that the adrenaline rush was incomparable to  anything else he feels. The need to prove themselves to the audience resonated throughout the library auditorium as nobody left the venue disappointed.

Priyana Aragula

As one of the most awaited event of Revels, Groove, organized by Footloose, brought to students an evening of brilliant entertainment. The dancers took the stage by storm, with their perfectly orchestrated choreography and upbeat music. The event was judged by Rahul Suryavanshi, founder of the Knight’s Crew who represented I-Crew in Hip-Hop International Competition of 2016. This year, Groove hosted the 7th season of the Regional Dance Competition, a precursor round to the Hip-Hop International Competition held in the U.S. With hopes of warming up the crowd, Footloose presented the dance crew Red Hawks, who undoubtedly set the stage for the competitors. In addition to the seemingly effortless stunts performed by the guest artists, the participants left the audience enthralled by their passionate performance. The determination of each team was unwavering with their efforts not wasted on the supportive crowd gathered that evening.

Picture Credits:  Siddharth

Although the organizers were faced a few technical glitches and last minute cancellations, the event progressed well and finished as scheduled. Ending Day 1 of Revels on a lively note, Groove hosted exceptional talent and left none disappointed. After three long years, The ShowStoppers finally won Groove in Revels’18. All set to represent MIT in Utsav’18, their power-packed performance coupled with a great routine and exceptional teamwork is something of an inspiration to everyone.

Nach le ve
Kritika Batra

‘Nach le ve’ was an Eastern solo dance event, where participants could choose any dance style and were allowed to use props. Despite the event being delayed by almost an hour and a half, the participants put their best foot forward and delivered enthusiastic performances. The sound of bangles and ghungrus, along with the different forms of Indian music highlighted the rich and diverse culture that our country boasts of.

Picture Credits:  Rajat Shenoy

Bhangra was popular amongst the contestants and they performed it with a lot of vigor. Other dance forms included semi-classical and contemporary dances. The music echoed through the quadrangle and the crowd cheered on, as the contestants danced passionately to popular Bollywood songs. One of the participants added an interesting twist to her performance by choosing kathak as her dance style and a popular Punjabi song to go along with it. Another participant gracefully showcased ghoomar as her chosen dance form.

The judges awarded the participants points for their grace, choreography and facial expressions. The audience attending the event weren’t enough in number to do justice to the efforts the participants had put into their performances.


Nitin Jotwani

Keeping the spirits of classical dancing alive, the event Nrityanjali prompted participants to showcase the results of hours of practice and dedication. The door opened to contestants dressed in vibrant colours, adorned with ornaments. The tinkles of the ghungroo announced the arrival of the dancer, as their elegant mudras left the audience awe-struck even after they left. Some participants played numerous roles single-handedly,  as they showcased multiple emotions in the stories they recited in various classical forms. The participants sketched scenes from the life of lord Krishna and the tale Ramayana in beautiful dance depictions.

Though the event witnessed a major delay to begin with, it seemed to be worth the wait. The general consensus seemed to enjoy watching the perfect synchronization of dance moves, with expressive beats and counts. A few of the artists brought about a fusion in Indian classical with trending Bollywood songs like ‘Kala Chashma’. Another excellently choreographed set in Kathak belonged to Shivani Kalmane, who mesmerized judges and audience alike.

The event punched in a lot of energy in the atmosphere along with the beautiful presentation of time immemorial priceless art forms.


Desi Tadka
Sanjana Srivastava

An event organised to channel the deep-rooted Indian dance moves within us, Desi Tadka was the place to be. With vibrations shuddering through the Quadrangle, it seemed like the building was dancing as well. The event, although having lesser participating teams than expected, delivered three magnificent performances on the stage, overcompensating with their beautifully-crafted graceful moves.

Picture Credits:  Rajat Shenoy

The first performance was easily the one to steal the show, gracing the stage with a powerfully representation of Padmaavat through eloquent dance moves; with body movements one could have never imagined to speak a story so loud. Earning loud cheers from the grounds, the performance could easily be prematurely tagged an audience favourite. The second performance showcased a brilliant fusion between Western music and Classical Indian dance, mingling the two in a perfect balance of awe-invoking grace and a deep admiration for the innovation. The final dance sequence was a refreshing Punjabi bhangra bursting with energy that made its way into the crowds. The people couldn’t help but dance along, concluding the evening on a joyful note.

 The final winners of the event are decided considering a large spectrum of factors, complete from stage utilisation, impact choreography, costumes, etc., to encapsulate the entire experience of the group performance. Even though the participation, relative to Revels ’17 was lesser, the event has been such a success in the past that the organisers are more than hopeful for a major increase in turnout as well as enthusiasm levels from teams in the following years.

Shweta Gadepalli 

Moonwalk, an event named after Michael Jackson’s famous dance move, was the first dance event under the Footloose category. The event which took place in the Quadrangle, attracted a lot of people who gathered to hype the dancers on. Driven by the cheers of the crowd, each of the contestants put their best foot forward. With funky moves and great fusion music, the participants gave a stellar performance. Although only western styles were allowed, participants gave wonderful performances on stage.

Picture Credits:  Nitish

The contestants were judged on factors like choreography, stage utilization, costumes, overall impact, and energy. Each participant was given a total of five minutes for the performance and one minute for the stage setup. Even though the number of participants were a little lower than expected, the exuberant performances made up for it. With carefully choreographed moves, which were powerful and graceful at the same time, participants left the audience awe-struck.

An all-inclusive playlist showed off instrumental music to funky South Indian beats, which highlighted the participants’ skill-set with various stunts and props. As they say, dance is a form of expression as well as entertainment, Moonwalk served a purpose for both; entertaining the audience while simultaneously providing a platform for the contestants to express themselves.