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Those with a penchant for turning any argument in their favour, or a knack for cracking riddles had a field day at Ergo. Read on for coverage of every sort of quiz one could possibly dream up, and debates that offered eye-opening perspectives.

Lone Wolf Quiz
Nitin Jotwani

Scheduled to take place on the second day of Revels, the quizzing culture of MIT continued to flourish with Ergo’s Lone Wolf Quiz. The competition, unlike the usual team-based events, focused on testing every individual’s wit and comprised two rounds. The event witnessed numerous students coming together in this battle of the brains.

Credits: Deven Agarwal

The first round was eliminatory in nature, with the question bank being curated by Pranav Iyer. Contestants were bombarded with a set of twenty-five questions, ranging from pop culture to culinary arts. One could witness the room brim with enthusiasm as participants fought against time to prove their knowledge.

A few chosen ones made it to the final round which took place subsequently. The candidates were grilled with a tougher, and rather larger set of questions. ‘Name the City’ and ‘Benzene Ring’ were some topics that grabbed the attention of the participants. The latter consisted of six questions that were linked to each other in some fashion or the other. After a gruelling five rounds of positive and negative marking, Achintya Sharma was declared the leader of the pack, with Mukund Poddar as the runner-up.

Sports and Entertainment quiz
Priyana Aragula

Under the aegis of Ergo, on the first day of Revels, organizers held a Sports and Entertainment quiz attended by a pleasantly large number of enthused contestants participating in teams of three. Despite a sluggish start, the event quickly began to grab the attention of the attendees, with its wide-ranging topics. From the Spice Girls to Ruskin Bond, the questions were perplexing enough to keep the participants working throughout the entire preliminary round. Following the screening process, qualifying teams were asked to be present at the same venue with fresh perspectives and clear minds, which would be required for the finishing round.

Credits: Samhitha

The quiz took a collaborative turn during the final session, in a successful attempt to make for a more inclusive atmosphere. The last stage of the event was divided into multiple sessions of “pouncing” and “passing”, setting the competitive spirits of the participants astir. They were presented with the choice of gambling previously attained points if the team was certain of its answer. Similar to the preceding round, questions were projected on the screen and explained by the quiz masters. Hints and words of encouragement on their part, motivated the participants to stake their points with confidence. Impressed with the framing of questions, the competitors’ eagerness came through in this round. The event finished strong, with its participants happy with the overall experience.

Debate Tournament
Anisha Das and Ramathmika

The competition ran high in NLH as Ergo’s two-day event, Debate Tournament, managed to put all their participants at their argumentative best. The first round of the event was a preliminary round with the debate topic, ‘This house will allow individuals serving longtime prison sentences to opt for an equivalent period of service in the army’, with no internet access allowed whatsoever.

While the participants presented their motions after 30-40 minutes of preparation time, a rebuttal was expected from the other teams which earned them points. The debate presented was judged out of 50 marks, for content, speaking style and rebuttals. “As all the teams have a common topic given to them, they’re all bound to come up with redundant points. We’re looking for how they manage to distinguish themselves from the others”, said event head, Akhilesh.

Unlike previous years, the preliminary round followed the Oxford style of debate but reverted to the usual British parliamentary style for the final round of the event with the judges’ suggestion. The four selected teams from the previous round were given their topics, ‘This house will allow individuals to use the BAT’, almost 24 hours in advance, where BAT is a hypothetical technology, Brain amplification technique, which allowed the user with the device to read and publicize all the thoughts of the individual he uses it upon.

Credits: Devleen Mandal

The first participant going for the motion, also termed the “Prime Minister” in this debating style, set the motion as the Indian government. He put forth points regarding the introverted nature of Indians and how the technology would help us gain insight into the thinking of the citizens and help with problems regarding mental illness and terrorism. The event continued with teams putting forward their views, and the last participant concluding it.

In the final round, the Debate Tournament followed the British Parliamentary Style, on the suggestion of the judges. The government laid down stern points but failed to define their regulation policies accurately. Although the judges seemed to be impressed by the Opposition’s stance on the matter, they were criticized for not capitalizing on the government’s failure to define a suitable policy. The government brought out the key benefits of legalizing the BAT (Brain Amplification Technology), such as aid to mental health issues. However, the opposition banked on the government’s lack of interest towards the privacy of its citizens.
The alarming growth of technology has been a hot topic for years, and by promoting a healthy discussion, the Debate tournament succeeded in providing food for thought to all its contestants.

General Quiz
Priyana Aragula

This Revels, the General Quiz tested its contestants’ knowledge on prevalent events that have occurred in the past. Taking place at M.V. Seminar Hall, the atmosphere set at the venue evoked the competitive spirits of the participants. Right from the get-go, the members began blocking responses to most of the questions in hopes to prevent other teams from answering. The quiz masters were high-spirited and conducted the quiz with an enthusiasm that was reflected in the contestants present at the brimming event.

Round one of General Quiz was successful in stumping Gen Z with some of the questions posed during the event. A combination of both pictures and words, the quiz intrigued the contestants throughout. Unlike the more customary questions, playing Lana Del Ray’s National Anthem Music Video was a refreshing take on the run-of-the-mill quiz.

Credits: Nishant Khandelwal

The final round of the event was split into 5 sections three of which were written rounds and two of which were “dries”. “Dries” referred to the section in which teams were required to answer question in a progressive order. The quiz was received well by the students and left everyone happy with the experience. The questions were easier to solve and resulted in a tight race between the teams. Slightly inclined towards medical funda, some teams seemed to have an advantage over the others.

Overall, the event progressed smoothly and participants were not disappointed by the quiz as it delivered on all fronts.

India Quiz

Eeshan Upadhyay and Shreeya Konnur

As patriots of this magnificent nation, there is so much pertaining to India that we are unaware of. The Indian quiz, an Ergo event held on the last day of Revels, quizzed participants on their extensive knowledge about India. With questions ranging from our rich history to current political events, winning this quiz was no easy task. The quiz promised to be intriguing, fun, and worthy of sacrificing the slumber that naturally accompanies Saturday afternoons.

As the commotion settled down, the proceedings started. The quiz comprised two rounds—a preliminary stage, and a final stage which had eight teams. The preliminary round saw teams from the regional quizzing circuits, with outstation teams from Mangalore and NIT Surathkal registering for the quiz. The organizers claim to have registered 30 teams for the prelims, which makes this quiz one of the more popular events during Revels.

The questions catered to a wide variety of themes in India, ranging from politics, arts, movies and sports. Krittibas, Achintya and Rohit did a slick job in preparing the quiz. The questions did a good job in keeping the participants at the edge of their seats. After the end of the preliminary round, a small break was taken to declare results.

Credits: Johir Suresh

The eight teams making it to the stage round were all set to give each other a run for their money. Krittibas and Achintya played hosts to the final round. After a gruelling competition of multiple rounds, a team from the Kasturba Medical College emerged victorious. They were followed by a team from NITK Surathkal, immediately followed by an MIT-KMC cross team.

The quiz was a roaring success, with the participants giving a positive review. The Ergo category had managed to create an event of informational value, which appealed to the grey matter of the participants and the spectators alike. It was a true spectacle to witness the quizzing culture being promoted with such grandiose, at our very own institute.


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