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Revels’17 – Paradigm Shift

By Tejas Umesh

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

Much to the pleasure of the organizing team of ‘Extempore’, the event witnessed a good turnout. Round one was ’Shipwreck’, in which three participants had to impersonate the celebrity assigned to them. With five-minute sessions each, participants engaged in an open discussion to prove why their character was more worthy to be on the “life-boat”. The second round involved multiple games of ‘block’ and ‘tackle’, in which participants could be asked to either support or oppose the topic of discussion.  While the first round had ample humour and wit, the participants struggled during the second round as it was more challenging. For the final round, six participants were selected. Each of them had to prove a bizarre theory assigned to them and convince the judges why it was valid. “ISRO being controlled by aliens” and “Harambe being a Russian spy” were some of the theories assigned in this ludicrously entertaining round. The contestants were judged based on their fluency, content, and humour. With a perfect mixture of good participation and entertaining themes, ‘Extempore’ proved to be a highly successful event.­

Faking News
By TN Anshumanth Rao

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

Faking News provided a platform for aspiring reporters. Their creativity and imagination was tested over the course of three rounds. For the preliminary written test, two headlines were provided for report-writing – “A bull injured in Jalikattu sues the Tamil Nadu government for compensation” and “A Native American chief signs an order to deport all Caucasians back to Europe.” The next round involved short video clips. The participants played the role of field reporters covering events. The videos themselves were funny and unconventional, with some twist in the tale to provide the opportunity for exclamations and excitement. The reporters came up with refreshingly unique takes. For instance, playful wrestling between a sumo wrestler and three small kids was equated to an engineering student’s struggle with depression, anxiety, and deadlines. The final round had the participants handle a press conference involving issues such as an architecture firm facing action for improper ‘Vaastu’ in their design. The audience were also roped in to make things more interesting. Their lively responses and whole-hearted participation kept the finalists on their toes, and everyone in the room were thoroughly entertained.

By Abhinav Kumar

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

‘Potpourri’ was conceived by its organisers as a breath of fresh air. They intended for it to help participants take a break from the sheer competitiveness in other events. The event was held through two days of Revels, with one round on each day. It consisted of a variety of English puzzles that tickled and intrigued the participants’ minds. Regardless of the organisers’ apparent aims, the competition was intense with multiple teams from various colleges ready to fight for victory. The first round comprised a quiz that aimed to test the teams’ knowledge of English. Word games, anagrams, puns, and rebuses were present in all their glory. Eight teams got through to the second round.

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

In this round, the teams played a game of pictionary with ‘novels’ as the designated topic. The name of a novel was given to one member, who would then have to pictorially represent it such that the other member of the team could guess the name. After this, there was a third round which was essentially a game of ‘Twenty Questions’. One member of the team was given a famous personality and by asking the other team member questions, they’d have to figure out which celebrity they were assigned. Raaghav Sen (a participant) had nothing but good words for the event, noting that the turnout for preliminary round was excellent.

Creative Writing
By Nida Khan

‘Creative Writing’ was held on the third day of Revels. Five prompts were given to the participants, out of which two were visual while the other three were literary. The visual prompts incorporated illustrative images like that of a human being in a jug of water and a particularly melancholy looking being. The literary prompts included phrases and paragraphs that helped the participants brainstorm as they flexed their imaginations to come up with different story premises before they stuck to one. While contestants were under a time constraint, they were not restricted in any way. They were given complete creative freedom and could choose to emphasize on plotting, characterization, word-building and editing as much as they wanted to. The only sound audible in the room was that of the etching of pen on paper. “We put considerable effort into this as we had to come up with our own prompts. However, some of them had to be conventional because we want everyone to be able to come up with something.”, said the event-head, Suryansha.

Just a Minute
By Suruchi Narang

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

Paradigm Shift’s highly anticipated event ‘JAM’ was the literary highlight of the final day of Revels. The jam-packed NLH classroom was temporarily transformed into a congregation of witty minds and expressive table-banging. Short for ‘Just a Minute’, JAM consists of eccentric topics such as “The ultimate goal of a dating app is to be deleted” that gave the contestants enough leeway to make questionable and hilarious statements. Points are awarded for accurately challenging another speaker when they make a mistake like using improper grammar, personal pronouns, violating The Queen’s English, and using slang, among others. Lasting much longer than its name would otherwise suggest, the entire event consisted of six preliminary panels with two rounds each. The participants with the highest score from each panel would then move on to qualify for the final. Hosted and moderated by seasoned ‘JAMmer’ – Yogesh Tolani, the competition amused the audience with topics like “The sequel to déjà vu is the same movie” and “Impotence is nature’s way of saying no hard feelings”. After three and a half hours of puns and innuendos, it is safe to say that no one left the room without a grin and an inexplicable urge to take part in the next JAM event.

Poetry Slam
Mrigakshi Sharma

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

Even though Slam Poetry is yet to garner popularity in Manipal, Paradigm Shift’s event saw a good turnout. The event took place on the last day of Revels’17 and attracted poets from Manipal as well as other cities. Slam or spoken poetry is a form of poetry that involves a performance by the participant as opposed to a mere recitation of the verse. It is inherently well-worded with a heavier use of alliteration and repetition for general appeal. Charming young poets peeled off the layers of abstraction as the afternoon stretched on. The competition was followed by an informal open-mic session which invited more people to the stage. However, the highlight of the evening was Bharath Divakar – the renowned slam poet who ended the event with a performance of his own. The audience watched in awe as he stringed words and stories together. The event ended on a high note and was truly inspiring.

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