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Revels’17: Anubhuti

By Nida Khan

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

The first day of Revels saw those events being conducted that are otherwise a rarity in MIT, one of them being ‘Irshaad’. The surroundings radiated with the language of love; profuse declarations of unfeigned patriotism were made as participants recited Hindi poetry. The participants delved into the reasons behind their love for poetry. They talked about how an apathetic state of mind towards the issues prevalent in society, how being silent when an opinion needs to be voiced allows people to be protected but imminently removes all the significance from their thoughts. Lamenting and celebrating a wide spectrum of emotions, the event left many in a retrospective state of mind.

After a considerable number of participants elicited attention with their heavy-worded declarations, one participant produced a speculative, reverie-like piece about the silence in noise. He spoke about battles being lost, dreams being forgotten, and voices being trampled upon. In this maze of a world, lost in conundrum, he said that the only thing that kept him alive was his passion for poetry. One of the participants stressed on how important it is to be reflective of our true selves. Condemning pretension and deceit, she encouraged everyone to be merciful to ourselves by accepting who we really are.  Six finalists reached the second round of Irshaad which was held on the fourth day of Revels. One of the participants, Rahul Singh, expressed his appreciation for the event as it helped him recognize this hidden talent. “This is the first time I’ve participated in ‘Shayari’ writing. Getting selected for the second round encouraged me and made me realize that I can do even better than this.”

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

The theme that was central to all the performances was ‘Carnaval’. However, some participants ventured into a wide array of subjects including discrimination, friendships, poverty, and corruption. They brought veracity to the fest by talking about how poems add sweetness to the everyday monotony and allows everyone to embrace their uniqueness. In the end, the anchor consolidated all of the poets’ sentiments by saying, “The day we stop writing the truth, we’ll tear the paper and break our pens.”   

Tark Vitark
By Mrigakshi Sharma

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

‘Tark Vitark’ shied away from the public eye as the preliminary rounds saw a heavy attendance among spectators but the participant count remained low. The contestants got to pick from a pool of four topics, encircling issues like feminism and demonetization. They had the choice of proposing or opposing the assigned subject. Three-minute speeches were followed by detailed rebuttals. However, the highlights of the evening were the dynamic questions and responses of the unforgiving judges.

Four worthy candidates made their way to the finals, where they were handed the topic, ‘Corruption in the army – an undisputed truth’, twelve hours before the commencement of the round. They had to prepare arguments for either side and were allotted one side at the time of the event. The evening turned into a panel discussion after everyone pleaded their cases with strong, fact-based rebuttals from either side. This round saw the participants battling their opponents and attacking their arguments in a stereotypical debate format. The language and diction was especially impressive. All in all, the event was thoroughly entertaining with a touch of satire, pragmatism, and patriotism. 

By Garima Singla

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

‘Aavesh’ required the participants to narrate an impromptu story based on one specific sentiment. Contestants paired up with each other and weaved descriptive stories on stage.  One of the contestants said, “It isn’t easy to make up stories based on an emotion in about two minutes. This event tests our creativity and I have enjoyed being a part of it”. Mr.Balbir Singh, one of the judges on the panel, also applauded the participants and advised them to immerse themselves in the story while its narration.  While some of the stories made us laugh, others made us think hard; each and every tale had a lasting impression on every one seated in the lecture hall.  

By Deepali Sahu

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

Revels 2017 witnessed a first-of-its-kind event – an evergreen game of Antakshari with several new twists. Contestants went all in on the third day of Revels. Organizers of Antakshari are first and foremost aspiring engineers. Staying true to their calling, the first round was a written round where contestants’ love for Bollywood was put to the test. Everything pertaining to Bollywood was included in this round. People who qualified this round proceeded onto the next. Here, they were made to guess the song based on random snippets and one liners provided by the organizers.

Several such levels were introduced and the musical extravaganza took full flight. Amidst symphonies and cacophonies alike, the event made for great entertainment. The interesting takes on the game had the audience intrigued from start to finish.  

By Suruchi Narang

Credits: The Photography and Videography Category

‘Abhivyakti’ featured a much-needed platform for aspiring Hindi writers in Manipal. The participants were given a topic on the spot, this edition’s topic being ‘Saadhan, Saadhna, aur Safalta’ which translates to ‘Resources, Practice, and Success’. The writers had to complete a 350- 400 word write-up in the given time limit of one hour and fifteen minutes. They were given the liberty to interpret the topic however they wished to, and weave together a story or an essay from the prompt.

In a university town like Manipal, where English is the preferred language of communication, ‘Abhivyakti’ was a breath of fresh air. Despite its disappointing turnout, the organisers were optimistic and motivated, understanding that this was only the beginning of their long way to foment a revolution of Hindi literature in Manipal.