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Revels’19 Liveblog

For the people who are looking for a laugh or are too lazy to get out of bed, the Revels live blog is back for another four days. Stay tuned as we bring you updates from MIT’s annual cultural and sports festival.
Anshumanth Rao March 3, 20198:59 pm

Here’s the Proshow lineup, get your tickets now if you haven’t already!

Anshumanth Rao March 3, 20199:04 pm

Even as we look ahead at the next few days with excitement, here’s a look back as well–a photo from the very first Revels!

Anshumanth Rao March 3, 20199:04 pm

Head back to our main page to know more about the artists performing this Revels, so you know what to be excited for.

Anshumanth Rao March 3, 20199:07 pm

A special thanks to the Appdev team for integrating this on the app. I know these last few posts are quite abrupt and don’t really say a lot, but you try coming up with spacefiller posts. Even as a shitposter I’m struggling.

Anshumanth Rao March 3, 20199:07 pm

Revels is sure to be a tiring but exciting few days for those involved, and The MIT Post will be here throughout that, chronicling this quest for excellence. Stay tuned to our liveblog and keep an eye out for our daily newsletters to get the best of the fest.

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20191:42 pm

Welcome to our liveblog, we would like to thank the administration for taking safety measures for our third-degree burns

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20191:44 pm

As we can see, the energy is pretty high this time around. Let’s hope we don’t end up missing our local train xD

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20191:59 pm

Revels’19 is keeping MIT’s tradition of not starting events on time alive. But to be fair, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of time when you have a Rolex like mine

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20192:07 pm

Me: I know what I am doing with my life

Also me:

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20192:25 pm

The MIT Post bringing you some much needed in-class entertainment. Find our newsletters and try your hand at the crossword at our kiosk or on the revels app.

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20192:58 pm

Revelsconnecting people.

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20193:03 pm

This is so sad, as if Hindi poetry about sad love stories was not enough reason for me to cry myself to sleep tonight.

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20193:09 pm

Sleep during Revels? Is this some kind of joke I’m too sleep deprived to understand?

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20193:25 pm

First I bang the drum, then Ioh wait, nevermind.

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20193:31 pm

Me trying to hide my social awkwardness

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20193:38 pm

And that was a classic example of Siddharth stall-ing for time xD

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20193:52 pm

Vedant and I trying to come up with jokes right now

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20194:31 pm

Getting an audience for tonight’s Proshow

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20195:02 pm

PNP setting a benchmark for future fests

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20195:08 pm

I just wish we had a higher benchmark for your jokes…

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20195:41 pm

So, on that disappointing note, we shall wrap up for the day. Also, Siddharth’s laptop started updating itself halfway through the final post. I guess, he needs to activate his Windows after all.

Vedant Seigell March 6, 20198:49 pm

We’re back with a quick update on the sports side of Revels’19. MIT A defeated NITK 61-54 in the basketball league, in what was a truly intense match with the crowds in high spirits in support of the home team.

Siddhant Sharma March 6, 20199:16 pm

MIT B wasn’t that far behind either as they beat ICAS 36-11 earlier today

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20191:17 pm

Welcome back to our liveblog, the theme for Revels’19 is Excelsior or as we at The MIT Post call it, today’s newsletter. So, grab a copy from our kiosk set up outside NLH

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20191:21 pm

The Local Train is at the airport

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20191:31 pm

If you did not win a speaker at the Nokia lucky draw, don’t worry. Just say, “Yaar speaker toh nahi mila bas yeh ghatiya bottle,” and leave it there as a friend of ours did at the IC stairs. Translation: I did not get a speaker just this bottle.

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20191:50 pm

My brain cells during an exam

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20192:19 pm

Revels asking for outstation participation.

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20192:24 pm

That looks more like you seeking attention

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20192:43 pm

“Dosa some good events by Iridescent ”

– Suruchi

Hats off to you for that

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20192:45 pm

As a person who is incapable of feeling emotions, Vedant is ‘angry’ at today’s t-shirt theme, and as a sign of protest he is live blogging shirtless today

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20193:05 pm

As Manipal grows hot, it is only fair that I show them what’s not

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20193:17 pm

How much I disappoint my parents every passing semester

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20193:28 pm
Hockey semi-final results:
Reva 2-0 KVG
MIT 1-1 St Joseph’s (MIT won 3-1 on penalties)
Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20193:30 pm

The MIT hockey team will be playing REVA in the Revel’s cup final today at 5 pm

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20194:14 pm

1999: “Don’t sit so close to the TV, it will hurt your eyes.”


Vedant Seigell March 7, 20194:27 pm


Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20194:28 pm

A quick update, Vedant has got his shirt back on. Turns out he is funnier without it

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20195:14 pm

They’re letting the mascot monkey around

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20195:24 pm

I did not realise you were the mascot, Siddharth.

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20195:32 pm

With that undercooked roast, we shall wrap up for the day

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20195:40 pm

Update on the basketball schedule, MIT-B faces BMS today at 13th Block court at 6 pm

Vedant Seigell March 7, 20196:56 pm

Women’s football scores-

Siddhant Sharma March 7, 20197:09 pm
Cheer for your home team as MIT A takes on MITE at 7:30 pm in the next men’s basketball fixture
Vedant Seigell March 7, 20198:11 pm

MIT A vs MITE Halftime update –

MIT A lead 19-8 after a strong start to the first half. Can MITE stage a comeback in the second half?
Vedant Seigell March 8, 201910:55 am

MIT A face BMSCE in the semis as we speak, after defeating MITE 30-18 last night.

The scoreline at half time stands at 17-16 with BMSCE in the lead. The second half has the hopes of all the fans riding on the home team’s shoulders.
Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20191:53 pm

Welcome back to yet another day of our liveblog. We hope you are having fun this Revels or as we, at The MIT Post call it sleepless nights working on our Newsletters. So, grab a copy from our kiosk set up outside NLH

Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20191:58 pm


-Suruchi Narang, verified

Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20192:11 pm

You may be wondering why the red suit Pikachu

Vedant Seigell March 8, 20192:25 pm

Take a look at our newsletter for Day 2 of Revels—an alternate reality where the superheroes of Marvel and D.C. descend to the mortal realm of Manipal.

Have a glimpse of what keeps us up all night 😉

Vedant Seigell March 8, 20193:01 pm

“There’s better food in Manipal than the campus stalls”

Seems like somebody’s been Binge (Yard) watching Masterchef these days.
Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20193:32 pm

Me trying to come up with a witty caption for this GIF

Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20193:37 pm

When you are a germophobe but too lazy to brush your teeth

Vedant Seigell March 8, 20194:19 pm

When the teacher points at you for the answer

Vedant Seigell March 8, 20194:29 pm

Yeah, bouncy castles and all are cool, but did you check out the liveblog today?

Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20194:51 pm

I don’t think they are familiar with the concept of family

Siddhant Sharma March 8, 20195:58 pm

We shall wrap things up for the day. Hope you enjoy the Proshow tonight

Vedant Seigell March 9, 20192:41 pm

Welcome back to our liveblog, we hope you are enjoying Revels’19. To make it a more enjoyable experience, head to our kiosks to grab a copy of our newsletter for the final day

Vedant Seigell March 9, 20192:49 pm

As it turns out the organisers aren’t always responsible for time delays, patience truly is a Virtu(oso)

Siddhant Sharma March 9, 20193:05 pm

When you are incredibly tired but don’t want to miss out on the fun

Vedant Seigell March 9, 20193:16 pm

“You just gotta do the twerk twerk twerk”

Siddhant Sharma March 9, 20193:31 pm

Me after winning an argument

Siddhant Sharma March 9, 20194:38 pm

A hit and a miss, Vedant for a change you are the one being hit (on) and not the one missing the target

Siddhant Sharma March 9, 20195:20 pm

We, at The MIT Post, are proud to announce that MIT is the winner of the Revels Cup. We would also like to congratulate everyone involved in making this possible

Vedant Seigell March 9, 20195:22 pm
“Do we keep our wands?”
“No, we might use them later for…other stuff”
Looks like there’s some mischief yet to be managed.
Vedant Seigell March 9, 20195:28 pm

At least I can talk to people unlike you–you socially-awkward, skinny wimp

Siddhant Sharma March 9, 20195:32 pm

On that anti-social note, we shall wrap up our liveblog for this Revels. We will be back with our liveblog next semester during Tech Tatva.