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Words reigned supreme at Wordsworth, a one-of-a-kind fledgling Open Category event. The event brought together writing and public speaking enthusiasts under one roof with its novel concepts that kept the participants engaged throughout. In the first round, participants were given a word based on which they had to write a sentence. After a few minutes, they were given another word with which they had to form a second sentence in connection to the first one. In this fashion, they were required to write four stories, given ten words per story.

The second round, consisting of three stages, kept the contestants on their toes. In the first stage, participants played 5-second rule in which they were asked questions like “Name three things you would do when you are drunk”. True to the game’s name, each question had to be answered within five seconds.  The second stage was an innovative game that tested participants’ spontaneity. There were three boxes labelled character, location, and object, respectively—participants had to pick a chit from all three boxes and a fourth chit from any one of the three. They then had to make a story based on the chits they had picked. For the third stage, the twelve contestants were put into groups and each group was read out a line from a chit. Each chit had an incomplete sentence such as “My friends and I went to Goa last summer and…”. One member would start the story which was then continued by another team member, and so on. The participants were judged on the basis of how sensible the story was and how many twists they could incorporate into it.

For the third and final round, the eight finalists were put into two groups. Each of the four group members was assigned a character who was a suspect in a murder case. The suspects had to defend themselves in front of a judge. They were provided with the necessary facts and evidence and had to present their case accordingly. The cases involved a range of characters from dead CEOs to inebriated college students. In true courtroom drama style, there was no shortage of unfounded accusations and biased remarks.

On being asked about the conceptualisation of Wordsworth, Event Head Aditya Mohapatra said, “We had ideas for a variety of events. Wordsworth was initially supposed to be limited to just the written test. However, since only one event was approved, we decided to incorporate those ideas into Wordsworth and turn it into a three-round event.”

Participant Krishna Chaitanya said, “I decided to partake in this event as I enjoy public speaking. Round one was the most intense for me as it involved writing. However, the concept of the third round seems to be very different and interesting.” Ultimately, the event was very well executed and a treat for anyone who has a flair for words.

Image Credits: Photography and Videography for Revels ’19

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