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Revels ’17 : Animania

Project Bakuman
By Tejas Umesh

Credits: The Photography and Videography category

‘Project Bakuman’ got off to a rocky start as the first round of the event was cancelled due to less participation. Deciding to hold only the final round of the event, the number of participants rose to twenty – owing to smart publicity from the team. The participants, playing either in teams or individually, were given three pages of Manga panels with blank speech bubbles. The task was to interpret the story and fill in the empty speech bubbles. Their work was judged on a number of criteria including originality, grammar, language, transition, and emotion. Vocabulary, uniqueness of story-line, tone, and wit were some other areas where the participants needed to succeed in order to claim the prize.

While the numbers may have been scant, the enthusiasm was evident in the few contestants who were fervently involved in the event. Head-scratching and tense scribbling were a common sight as participants aimed to create the perfect comic strip. The two judges were Mr. Nakul Shetty and Dr. Sudhamshu Bhushan Raju.

Liar Game
By Aravind Dendukuri

Credits: The Photography and Videography category

To say that Liar Game’s preliminary round was a tad unconventional would be an understatement. The total marks of the question paper was 13,200, though the highest any one scored was far below that figure. “We didn’t want to have a standard IQ test so we made the test paper a little different” explained Abhinav Pradeep, an organiser. With volunteers showing up at every five – minute interval to distract the participants along with loud and obnoxious videos playing in the background, Liar Game’s first round demanded strong mental fortitude to qualify the next round.

The second round was a raw adaptation of The Minority Game from the popular manga ‘Liar Games’. The participants who qualified were divided into five teams of four members each with two hidden ‘plants’ to make the count. The aim of the round was to manipulate everyone, including one’s own team, in order to turn out as the minority after a voting process. Numerous participants felt that the round failed to connect with them as they didn’t have enough time to understand the game and devise their tactics accordingly.

Credits: The Photography and Videography category

A meager eight participants qualified to play Avalon –  a secret identity board game where participants assumed roles such as ‘the humble servants of King Arthur’ and ‘Minions of Mordred’. A trial round was held at first to iron out any confusion before the actual game. Participants were seen manipulating, questioning, and double crossing each other, leaving no one free from suspicion. Points were awarded for the logic displayed by players and at the end of the game, the most valuable player was declared the winner.

“We put a lot of thought into the event and are delighted to know that all that hard work paid off.” gushed Aayush, another organizer of the event. Liar Game’s maiden voyage was a successful one and we can only wonder what they bring back next year.

Chunin Exam
By Rhitam Dutta

Credits: The Photography and Videography category

‘Chunin Exam’ was an opportunity for participants to experience the world of anime in three rounds. In the show, the Chunin Exams are conducted every two years and the Genins (low-ninja) who pass the exams are promoted to Chunins (middle-ninja).    

The contestants had to register in teams with a maximum of three members in each team. Upon arrival, they had to pick a post-it note that had their seat numbers written on them. After everyone took their seats, the question papers – which was intentionally set at a ridiculously difficult level – were distributed. However, there was  a way out and it was by relying on one’s ability to cheat. The organizers hid answers to the questions everywhere including an eraser lying on the desk. Some contestants were lucky enough to be seated next to a volunteer (disguised as a participant) who had all the  answers. But the path to a Chunin ninja was far from easy for if the participants were caught cheating three times, they would be disqualified. Contestants confessed that the hour and a half long question paper felt like aeons spent in confusion as they devised methods to cheat.

Credits: The Photography and Videography category

The first round took place on two days. The results were declared and ten teams were seen  to the venue for Round 2. This round was based on yet another ninja ability i.e. the ability to gather information and perform tasks efficiently within the stipulated time. Each team was given a question paper that they had to solve. It comprised unconventional questions whose answers could only be availed by performing daunting tasks which made the contestants think twice. For one and a half hours, all the participants rushed around campus as they interrogated the director to find out his shoe size and kamehameha’d innocent shopkeepers.

Round 3 of  the Chunin Exam had to be one of the most exciting finales of Revels’17. The five teams who made it collectively jumped in excitement as they saw a few Naruto-themed headbands, some paper Shuriken (throwing knives) and a lot of cards. Happiness turned to uncertainty when they seemed to be  as they tried to comprehend the rules of this round. Each team was given a few Shuriken and headbands that participants donned in style. As per the score from the previous round, the teams were made to choose one  their preferred game from Card Jitsu, Platoon, E-Card, CPG, and Karuta as well as their preferred location which included the Machine Lab, the area opposite to the Chemical Lab, IC stairs and more. Each team, after choosing their game, had to head over to their location where they would set up a battle station. One member of each team would be at the location (battle station) while the other would go to the various battle stations set up around the MIT campus to fight their protector in a one-on-one battle. Each battle station had one unique game and the ninjas from each team had to beat them to conquer the battlestation. If a team member from that battle station lost the game, he had to hand over the headband to the winner. The team with five headbands was to be crowned as the winner of the ‘Chunin Exam’. 

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