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The Return of the Revelries—An Introduction to Revels


The advent of spring brings with it the joys and woes of the Even Semester, along with one of the most awaited events since the last two years—Revels, MIT’s very own annual cultural fest. Revels is a culmination of the months of effort put in by people ranging from those behind the scenes to the organisers and volunteers upfront. Students take on the mammoth task of making this four-day event one of the most special and memorable moments in a student’s life. Taking part in any capacity provides everyone involved with an unparalleled experience during the fest each year.

(Image Credits: PAV)

In the clutches of the pandemic, the student community was unable to organise a fest in 2021. Revels 2020 was successfully held offline from 4th March to 7th March, just days before the Covid-19 pandemic gained momentum in India and a lockdown was imposed. The first attempt at normalcy was made when Tech Tatva’20, MIT’s annual technical fest held during the Odd Semester, was successfully conducted online. This year, Revels’22 will be held on campus unless the pandemic takes a turn for the worse.

Revels offers a plethora of categories to take part in, be it supporting, sports, or cultural. The supporting categories act as the backbone of the fest, making sure all preparations are streamlined, and the events run smoothly. With late-night perms and responsibilities outside academia, they ensure the campus is bustling with a festive ambience. The cultural categories, on the other hand, encompass the events that are the very essence of Revels—they attract students from other colleges in the spirit of healthy competition. The events range from eye-openers like the Human Library that connects its audience with people from different walks of life to Footloose, which explores every aspect of dance as an art form. The sports category ensures a well-coordinated show of sportsmanship and athleticism in the form of 20 sporting events. The most anticipated event of Revels—ProShow—hosts concerts with talented entertainers from all around the country getting a platform to showcase their artistic prowess.

  • Workshops
  • Infodesk and Finance
  • App Dev
  • ProShow
  • Certificates and Prizes
  • Logistics
  • Vigilance
  • Photography and Videography
  • Informals
  • HFS
  • Judges
  • Web and System Admin
  • Publicity and Printing
  • Gaming
  • Outstation Management
  • Social Media
  • Operations
  • HRD
  • Graphics
  • Sponsorships
  • Lensation
  • Animania
  • Dramebaaz
  • Iridescent
  • Altaebir
  • Consulere
  • Footloose
  • Haute Couture
  • Crescendo
  • Kalakriti
  • Psychus
  • Ampersand
  • Ergo
  • Anubhuti
  • Xventure
  • Human Library

Who can take part?

Every category of the fest comprises a team with three different roles—Volunteers, Organisers, and Core Committee Members, each divided among students according to their year of study. The Core Committee, open to only third-years of MIT, work at the back end of each category. Their job is to oversee the smooth running of the fest by assigning appropriate work to the organisers. The second years as organisers take up the responsibility of tasks in their category and are expected to work on it. The volunteering work is usually open to both first and second years. Their duties include publicising the events in their category to increase registrations and assisting the organisers on the day of the event.

For more in-depth information about what is included in each category of Revels, follow the official Revels’ Instagram page to stay up to date. Further information can be found in the official Organiser’s Portal.

How does one join?

The application for the various roles in Revels will be put up on their Instagram page or communicated to students through Class Representatives. A maximum of three preferences can be submitted by each applicant. They are allotted categories on a first-come, first-served basis for volunteering positions. For the organiser and core committee roles, interviews are taken soon after the form has been filled, upon which the selections will be made.

A Note for Participants

Following the appointment of the Core Committee members, organisers, and volunteers for each category, registrations for participants will begin. Each category will host several events pertaining to their theme, ranging from quizzes and treasure hunts to creative writing and spoken-word poetry. Once the registrations open up, a delegate card can be bought from the Revels portal, which provides access to participation in all events during the fest. The registrations for events can be done through the same portal.

“Being an organiser in Revels was one of the most exciting moments of my life. The late-night campus, the constant bursts of creativity and teamwork, and seeing it come to fruition is a satisfying experience like no other. The smiles of the contestants and other organisers alike (along with the food stalls) make all the exhaustion and wacky sleep schedule worth it!”

— Anusha YG, a former organiser for the category Iridescent

Prateek Kuhad performing at the Proshow for Revels’20 (Image Credits: PAV)

As the dates for the event draw closer, students are gearing up for all the preliminary preparation and care that goes into organising such an event. We, at the MIT Post, bring to you exclusive coverage of revelries and adventures around campus via our liveblog and daily newsletters. With the enthusiasm and perseverance of the student community, Revels’22 is bound to be an event of unprecedented success.

Featured Image Credits: PAV

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