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Treading the Road to Research—Webinar by the Research Society

The Research Society is an upcoming student organisation that aims to connect students and their resources, so as to enable a research-friendly environment within the college campus. This community of students is exploring projects including, but not limited to, the field of artificial intelligence, technology-driven social projects involving women safety, and innovative aircraft design concepts.

Following its vision of supporting students in research, the society has formed a well-developed network of alumni from universities like Yale, Oxford and IIT Bombay. The Research Society organised their first-ever event on 30 July 2020—a webinar focusing on the importance and relevance of research. Upamanyu Ghose, the 2019 batch topper of CSE and a distinguished alumnus of MIT, Manipal, addressed student queries as the guest speaker at the online event.

The interactive session began with Upamanyu describing his journey into research. From his early days in IECSE as a first-year, to being a part of Project MANAS in the second year and his interest in the biological aspects of neural networks, Upamanyu spoke about the many inspirations that put him on his current path. Interning twice at Singapore’s National Technology University, a quest for more in-depth theoretical knowledge bolstered Upamanyu’s inclination towards a life of research. He urged students interested in research to keep themselves abreast of the various happenings in their respective fields, to interact with other people, and take up projects on related topics. He resonated with the Research Society’s idea of creating a research environment that can help overcome the shortcomings that students of higher semesters often face when stepping into the arena of research.

The Research Society hosted the webinar on their Discord server, allowing questions to be asked in message format. Image Credits: Research Society

We had over 88 students attend the talk, including several students from colleges other than MIT. I want to attribute the ease in the conversation to our moderator and co-founder, Achintya, who did an impeccable job. The webinar seemed like we were hearing from an extremely overachieving, yet grounded and interesting senior, over dinner at the food court,” said Shuba Murthy, a co-founder at Research Society, who was delighted with the number of positive responses received from the participants on the server.

Now pursuing a career of research at Oxford, Upamanyu overall stressed on the importance of creating a supportive atmosphere to get more students involved with research. In a student life filled with club activities and student projects, the Research Society of Manipal has taken the first step in achieving their vision of bringing research into the limelight.


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