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A Race to the Finish Line—The MIT Open Swimming Tournament

On 28th January 2020, the MIT Sports Club conducted a swimming tournament for students across all years at the MIT Swimming Pool. The event that lasted for about an hour included separate freestyle and breaststroke events for men and women. Participants were eager to compete against each other, and as the event began, the members of the MIT Sports Club rallied to cheer for them. 

As the spot registration procedures wound up, there was enthusiasm buzzing around among the participants as they got themselves ready for the contest. Timekeepers were allotted for each lane as the participants lined up for their first lap. The finesse with which the swimmers kicked off from the three-feet-deep end and emerged victorious at the thirteen-feet end was admirable.  

The tournament witnessed an intense battle between participants across all age groups. (Image Credits: The MIT Sports Club)

Arjun Chauhan emerged as the winner in three of the four men’s events. He won the 33m and 66m breaststroke, and the 33m freestyle event, amidst the intense competition. The 66m freestyle event saw Anshul, a second-year student, swim to a comfortable finish with almost a four-second lead over the runner-up. Although the women’s events witnessed lesser participation, they were also well contested.  Malavieka Sanjay Koot, of fourth-year, bagged the first place in 33m breaststroke and 66m breaststroke. Ananya Thapliyal emerged the clear winner in the 33m freestyle and the 66m freestyle events having a considerable lead over her opponents.

The Director of Physical Education Department, Mr Shridhar H, who was also present at the competition, was seen interacting with the members of the MIT Sports Club and discussing the variety of sports events that could be held at MIT. “The Sports Club puts up ideas for competitions and organises the events. The Physical Education Department only supports the Club in its ventures. The Sports Club has conducted various open-for-all events till now, including the recent Table Tennis tournament, and is planning for various events in the future,” said Mr Shridhar.

The tournament was well-organised and thoroughly enjoyed by the participants, who put up a commendable performance. It was encouraging to see the number of first-years who took part in the competition, adding to the intense competition. The overwhelming participation in the event was indeed a pat on the back for the MIT Sports Club.

Featured Image Credits: MIT Sports Club

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