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Quizzical Entertainment—Quiz Meets Quiz by LDQ

Manipal’s Literary, Debate and Quiz Club is the driving force behind the many quizzes and debates that keep the campus’s minds occupied. Its first event of the new semester, Quiz Meets Quiz, was hosted by Ashwin Mathur and Utkarsh Sinha. With challenging questions in an engaging format, LDQ certainly delivered on expectations.

Scheduled to begin at 5:45 PM, the event took a few extra minutes for the wheels to start rolling but immediately launched into its mind-racking sequence with a written round of around twenty questions. Eight randomly chosen teams of three participants each put their brains together to fill in each blank with their answers. The questions were based on general knowledge, with answers ranging from Saddam Hussein and African Cheetahs to artificially generated models. While hints could be requested, they were ‘blocked’ if one or more teams had already arrived at the answer. The questionnaire proved to be both challenging and competitive, with hints being blocked for every question.

The quiz featured questions based on topics ranging from Sadam Hussein and African Cheetahs to Balmain’s computer-generated models. (Credits:,,

After a brief tally of the scores that showed Team 7 to be leading, the second round launched into lively chaos. A vocal round called the Dries had teams who were entirely sure of their answers ‘pounce’, either to win ten points or to lose five, or ‘direct’ and answer after the former team. Once again, it was a challenging and stimulating series of well-crafted puzzles. This round was characterised by an amazing game spirit with each team putting in their efforts to the fullest. Another written round of six questions followed, and the event wrapped up after one final spoken round, with Team 7 still on top, and Team 5 in second place. Through four rounds of general questions all following the same ‘fill in the blanks’ format, the quiz managed to travel the world with the multitude of topics that were touched upon.

It went well considering that most people have gone back home. The crowd was really engaging and into the whole thing. I had a pretty great experience overall”, remarked Ashwin Mathur. The quiz stayed true to LDQ’s reputation of top-notch events and certainly built up the anticipation for further events by the club in the semester.

Featured Image Credits: LDQ

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