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Quizzarding Magic

There is no dearth of Potterheads in the world. The Harry Potter series was a magical series that defined a generation. So when The Literary, Debating and Quizzing Club of MIT announced that they were organising Lumos, the Alan Rickman Memorial Harry Potter quiz, there was no doubt that there would be a huge turnout. There was visible excitement in the Harry Potter fans eager to participate in the competition when they saw the posters with the catchy quote “You’re a quizzard, Harry.” On the day of the preliminary round—cleverly deemed as the OWLs—the enthusiasm was palpable among the participants as well as the organisers. The magical rules for the wizarding quiz drew loud applause, as the first round of the quiz began.


A lot of thought had been put into the questions, and it was clear that they weren’t one’s usual trivia. As the team members of each participating team discussed every question with fervour, the Potterheads serving as volunteers for the quiz had a hard time staying on the sidelines of the event. Twenty-five questions later, it was time  for the participants to check whether they really were the fanboys and fangirls they thought they were. As the answers were shown, there were loud cheers from those who got them right and received chocolates, while there were exasperated slaps to the forehead by those who got them wrong. After a roller coaster first round, the participants who lived to fight another day were left awaiting the final round i.e. the NEWTs.

The finals of Lumos took place on an otherwise indolent Sunday afternoon. The seven qualifying teams had to garner points (or Galleons) over four rounds. Pertaining to the most intricate details in the popular fantasy series, the questions posed to the finalists elicited hoots as well as drawn out groans, while some of them even triggered disagreement among participants upon revelation of the answers. All in all, the entire quiz was organised in the true spirit of the widely revered world of Harry Potter and was the highlight of LnD’s Quizzathon’16.

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