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Garima Singla | Staff Writer

All monsters are human.” The posters put up by Blank 101 could not describe their event any better. Blank 101’s event Psychopaths-101 shed light upon the thinking of a psychopath, his or her mind and also told the audience about some of the psychopathic serial killers history has seen.

Psychopaths-101 took place on 21st October in NLH 404. A forty five minute long event with about 30 participants, freshers and seniors alike, Psychopaths 101 started off by introducing who a psychopath was and the reasons behind his behaviour. The organisers attributed a psychopath’s nature to the lack of cellular activity in a region of the brain called the orbital cortex. This affected one’s emotions, impulses and aggression and was the main reason behind a psychopath’s abnormal and antagonistic behaviour. The event then moved on to focus more on the number of psychopaths and serial killers we’ve had in the past.

The audience was taken aback when they were made aware of people like Ted Bundy and Elizabeth Bathory, people who were no less than living monsters. While Ted Bundy killed several women who resembled his former partner, Elizabeth Bathory tortured and abused her servants in a manner which when spoken of, made the atmosphere uncomfortable in the room.

The event was organised well, with the organisers seeming satisfied with the turnout. The lecturer was clearly well-researched. Not only did the lecturer make every concept crystal clear, he managed to create an atmosphere in the room which grabbed the attention of every participant present in the room. Riding on the success of their event, Blank 101 held recruitment shortly after the event had ended. The club’s aim of spreading awareness about how an organism’s brain controls everything was successfully met.

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