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Treacherous TiesSaranya Roy

Treacherous Ties by Psychus was devised around the theme of Divergent. On day one of Revels, the event kicked off with a written test to divide the participants into five factions. The test put every active and passive sense of the excited participants to the test. While they appeared for a beautifully crafted exam consisting of EQ and IQ questions, catchy yet distractive songs were played in the room to make it more challenging for the contestants.

For the second round, on the third day of Revels, the organisers showed their acting prowess by staging a perfect murder mystery for the participants to solve. When the case became too difficult for the participants, the Core Committee bestowed some hints on them to ease the process. The surprises were far from over.

The final round took place on the last day of Revels. The remaining six competitors were divided into two factions. The objective of this round was to solve an escape room. It took most of them about fifteen minutes to crack the escape room, while the winner managed to do it in thirteen minutes. Treacherous Ties saw enthusiastic participation throughout all three rounds and proved to be a successful event.

Lie to Me Sharad Mathur

Lie To Me was a three-day event conducted by Psychus. It challenged the contestants’ abilities to persuade and mislead others through facial expressions and verbal cues. The first event was ‘MAFIA’, a play on the classic role-playing game set in an imaginary village, where participants play as either villagers, detectives, healers, or murderers. After an intense back and forth, the objective was for the detectives to deduce the identities of the murderers, or the murderers would be victorious. Participants who won progressed to the second round. 

On Day 2, the next challenge was a game called ‘Carrot in a Box’. In every round, two contestants were given two boxes, with a carrot in one of them. The ultimate aim was to end up with the carrot and bluff your opponent out of switching their box. “Watching contestants double and triple bluff their opponents was a real thrill to see!” said Shaurya, one of the contestants

Those who successfully bluffed their way through Day 2 found themselves in a sensory overload with a game called Test Your Senses. They had to identify a mixed bag of items ranging from spices, gels and creams to the sounds of bagpipers and drilling machines. The event was set apart by its suspenseful yet interactive atmosphere. It turned out to be a great success, and the participants thoroughly enjoyed the challenges through intense psychological situations.

Cognitive Control Kishore Wadhwani 

Cognitive Control by Psychus was one of the virtual events held on the third and fourth days of Revels. The event, which saw over twenty individuals participating, was divided into three rounds, with each round testing a different part of the participants’ intellect. “People love getting challenged with games where someone challenges your wits. That’s bound to be exciting. Seeing how different participants think when stimulated is interesting, but mainly we hope everyone had fun,”remarked Varun Suvarna, the event head.

The first round tested the participants with intriguing questions meant to test their IQ and EQ while simultaneously asking them to consider some hilarious hypotheticals. The second round tested the contestant’s spontaneity and their way with words. Each participant was assigned a word and had to come up with a speech based on the term within two minutes. This round saw the participants trying to elaborate on everyday items like ‘refrigerator’ and ‘chalk’.

The ultimate round tested how quick-witted the participants were by asking them to role-play a situation, but their replies could only be interrogative statements putting them in a bind. “Each round brought something different. The challenging riddles were the most amusing.”, said Vanshika Malpani, a participant. The event left the participants puzzled and enthralled with its questions and challenges. Despite being an online event, Cognitive Control had participants engaged and was an emphatic success.

Image credits: Photography and Videography, Revels’22

Featured Image credits: Social Media and Graphics, Revels’22

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