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Prometheus ’16: Artem


The latest additon to the list of competitions under IE CSE’s flagship event ‘Prometheus’, Artem received participation from plenty of aspiring designers. Designers of all grades were seen testing their designing skills. The two-round competition was held on the second and third day of Prometheus in NLH 203.

“This is IECSE’s first ever design competition” explained Siddharth Ahuja, the Design Head of IE CSE. The first round of Artem was fairly simple and required the contestants to replicate an image that was presented to them and then use their creativity to modify their replicated image in accordance with the given theme-Candyland. The competition was tough and most of the contestants did a flawless job of replicating the image of the castle they were shown. Their creativity in modifying the castle is what seemed to have been the criterion for qualifying into the final round. A bonus theme, Batman, was also introduced in the contest, to allow the participants to gain extra points for finishing the first two images quickly. Photoshop, Illustrator, and Inkscape were some of the softwares that the contestants used for this round.


Image Courtesy: IE CSE

In the final round of Artem, all the participants were only allowed to use either Photoshop or Illustrator. In this round, each participant was randomly given two fictional characters to combine. To add to the challenge, the participants were given a fixed currency with which they would have to buy the editing tools that they required for the job. “I enjoyed that one could add as much detail as he/she wanted to their design” opined Zoheb Shuja, whose amalgamation of Mojojojo and Deadpool won the competition for him.

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