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As a precursor to Revels, Pre-Revels begins two weeks in advance. Pre-Revels serves the purpose of giving prospective participants a leg-up through the workshops and to pick out the best of those vying in the various contests for the main event. Click on any of the category names to find out more about their Pre-Revels workshops and events.

Crescendo: Battle of the Bands prove too harsh a test of your metal? Slip knot into despair! Because Crescendo has a little something for everyone. You can live out your pop sensation dreams by competing in Serenata. Or if the wings of your soul flutter closer to home, flaunt your sur and taal in Zamir and Swara.

Dramebaaz: All the world’s a stage, but still not nearly as good a platform as this. If you have a penchant for drama, a flair for theatrics, or just crave that spotlight, Dramebaaz is the casting call you didn’t know you’d been waiting for.

Paradigm Shift: If people gave a (para)dime for every time a pun was made, this category would probably be Revels ‘18’s title sponsor. While JAM will get you banging the table (in the right way), Slam Poetry will make you snap your fingers until they’re sore (for the right reasons). If this doesn’t appeal to you, then you’d better be a fan of Deep Throat–because Faking News plans to put your reporting skills to the knife.

ErgoThe debate in the Ergo category will be slightly different from Parliamentary debatesnot because it’s in the Oxford format, but due to a lack of hurling chairs, and the presence of meaningful content. Or, if you believe in ‘mum’s the word’ like our previous Prime Minister and prefer to pull out your thinking caps, there are four quizzes to put your IQ to the test.


Psychus: Are you the kind to sweet talk a professor into giving out marks? Then Psychus may just be the category for you. Although their events won’t prepare you to Sherlock your way out of every deception in life, you should still be able to see through your partner’s lies. Sorry, they won’t serve any napkins for those tears.


Images courtesy: Photography and Videography, Revels’18

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