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Pre-Revels’16 – Unplugged

It has often been said that Manipal Institute of Technology lacks in its music culture. If anyone doubted the mettle and material of the musicians themselves though, Unplugged was the night that would shatter this myth for them. Conducted as a part of Pre-Revels as a qualification round for the bands that would ultimately represent our college in the same event at Revels, this evening of serenading and crooning took place in the AB1 Quadrangle.

The acoustic event began after a substantial delay, something that seems to plague all Manipal music events due to the extensive sound checks required and sometimes the casual attitude of the participants. Once it began, the proceedings were swift, and the performances — mellifluous. The participants were mildly disappointed by the small number of stage monitors and it was evident that the funds allocated to such an event could never be enough. The helpfulness of the volunteers and the swift transitions between the different participants ensured smooth proceedings for the night.


A band performing “Space Oddity”

The event began with a cover of “Wish you were here”, a well-known Pink Floyd song, and somewhere down the line came “Wot’s… Uh the deal”, an obscure song by the same band from their early years. The songs ranged from crowd favourites like ‘Payphone’ to unconventional songs like the aforementioned. There were quite a few performances that stood out and as the audience put it, “This was an event worth attending”. When asked to pick their favourites, the spectators and the performers alike seemed to mention “Madness” (Muse), “Space Oddity” (the late David Bowie), “Ilahi” (Yeh Javaani hai Deewani) with a very folksy vibe, and “High and Dry” (Radiohead).

There was no lack of innovation or experimentation, with two bands merging violins with rock songs, and a few more doing an improvised cover of the originals. The cool evening weather after a hard day of classes, framed by the soothing music, also helped with the decent audience turnout. Many little groups were to be seen hanging around and enjoying the event. The audience with their appreciation, the musicians with their performances, and the organisers with a ready mind and a helping hand ensured a thoroughly enjoyable end to this day. We only hope such events become more of a staple. For Manipal and its cultural environment, Unplugged was a night where music triumphed.

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