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Pre-Revels’16- Two Of A Kind

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PC: Anmol Chordia

DSC_0387DSC_0497Prior to the commencement of Revels, the institution organises a week of cultural competitions which serves as a prelude to the sports and cultural fest of MIT. The 14th of February saw one of the final events of the Pre Revels week being conducted in the Library Auditorium. ‘Two of a kind’ of the dance category ‘Footloose’ was an event where participants competed in teams of two. The event which was supposed to start at 6:00pm was delayed by an hour. However, the organizers did their best to sustain the enthusiasm of the gathered audience by playing a medley of popular songs.

The sheer skill and talent of the participants compensated for the initial delay, and the dancers kept the audience entertained with their proficiency in multiple dance forms such as semi classical, Bollywood, and hip hop.The audience mainly consisted of the friends of contestants, faculty members, and other dance enthusiasts. Although the audience lacked in number, they made up for it by rewarding the participants with loud cheers, hoots, and applause.  The energy of the participants as well as the crowd added to the exuberant atmosphere of the event.

The daunting task of judging the competition and declaring the winners was given to a panel of three judges comprising faculty members. Adhering to the time constraints, the event came to an end in a short span of half an hour. Although it was brief, the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all those present. ‘Two of a Kind’ also marked the end of the Pre Revels week, a week that gave all students (especially first years) a tiny glimpse of what to look forward to in the next month.