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Pre-Revels’16- Groove

Everyone’s familiar with the monotony that begins to set in a month into any semester but this is the even semester and students of MIT have Pre-Revels to be thankful for. Pre-Revels- almost Revels but not quite. Packed with multiple events across various categories every day, the Pre-Revels week kicked off this year on Monday, the 8th of February, punctuating each day with with a myriad of cultural events. As one would expect, dance events remain most popular on campus and Footloose, the dance category, has not failed to impress.

12688137_952548408152592_7765604585187493533_nThe second day of Pre-Revels, the 9th of February, saw Footloose’s group dance event, Groove, take place as the day’s last event. The team dancing event was scheduled to commence at 6:30pm in the Quadrangle in AB1. However, the event actually began later than expected, starting twenty minutes off schedule .The delay notwithstanding, the event started off on a high. The sizable turnout included friends of the day’s performers, a few professors among a crowd of others. The enthused crowds that had arrived at the Quadrangle were treated to brilliant dance routines executed by the four competing dance crews, all being students of MIT. The teams consisted of a healthy mix of both sexes and had between six and eleven members each. The dances that ensued included fairly complex choreography and acrobatics that kept the audience in thrall and were essentially Western in style with a lot of hip-hop and contemporary influences. The electrifying performances by all four teams made it pretty hard to pick a favourite. The tricky affair of selecting a winning team, an extremely tricky affair, this, was left to a panel of three judges. The panel had one outstation judge and two judges from MIT.
12670324_952545571486209_7472664107044302388_nThe entire event was pretty brief, like most Pre-Revels events, all the performances having concluded within half an hour.The audience was quick to disperse, leaving the Quadrangle deserted again, after a fleeting torrent of excitement and cheer. The results of Groove are expected to come out within two or three days of the event, on the Revels’16 Facebook page.