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A Diadem of Online Duels–Pokemon Showdown 2019


Between the 1st and 3rd of February, the Manga and Anime Club (MAC) presented to students their annual three-day extravaganza, the Shonen Fest.  Amongst the events under this banner, was Pokémon Showdown, an event which brought to fore the well-played game of the same name.

Kicking off on the 2nd of February at 5:45 pm, the 24 participants started by challenging each other under the Singles OverUsed (OU) format. Following the Double Elimination format, each loss would result in being sent to the loser’s category. Two consecutive losses would result in elimination from the game. This was a particularly endearing format, with players getting chances to redeem themselves, especially after unsatisfactory losses. Six participants thereby qualified for the finals on the second day. The day’s limelight was particularly stolen by a sixth-grade student who successfully vanquished quite a few older participants.

The second day of the event saw the six qualifiers playing against The Pokemon League, an assembly of five MAC members. The five members Shitij, Madhu Bharadwaj, Sravan Chowdary and Harshit Chebolu, were designated as the Elite 4, while the champion was MAC member Shawn Zuzarte. The challengers had to win against all the Elite 4 members continuously. Every loss would result in the streak being reset, and only two chances were provided to obtain this streak. Conquering the Elite 4 was the key to playing against the Champion. The prevailing player was Vishruth AK,  whose username Rrick Toom, was a play on a popular Pokemon strategy called Trick Room.

Irrespective of victories, however, this was certainly an event thoroughly enjoyed by MAC members and participants alike. “The event was a success. People did enjoy it to the fullest. They were happy with the format and that it wasn’t a you-lose-you-quit tournament. The thrill the participants felt and the expressions on their faces at the most critical moments of the battle confirmed that this event was a grand success.” said Harshit Chebolu, an organizer for the event.

Consisting of other exciting events such as Anime Sharing, a place where the members shared their favourite animes, Movie screening of two popular films, Pokemon- The Power of us, and 7 Deadly sins- Prisoners of the Sky, as well as Art Station, a display of drawings from popular animes, Shonen Fest truly proved to be a treat for everyone present. With the participants’ fervour and the MAC team’s enthusiasm, there need be no further showdown to attest to Shonen Fest’s triumph.

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