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Poetic Presence–Jashn-e-Manipal


Goonj, the Hindi literary club of MAHE, held the second edition of Jashn-e-Manipal, their annual Kavi Sammelan, or gathering of poets, on 27th May 2018. With humour and good poetry, the event resonated well with the responsive audience.

The event began on a low note as Nishit Singh Chauhan, the host for the evening, broke the news that poet Prakhyat Mishra, who was to have been the second performer, would not be attending due to a road mishap.

Dr Fasiullah, Shambhu Shikhar, Dr GK Prabhu, and Dr BHV Pai light the lamp

The artists for Jashn-e-Manipal were the finalists of Revels poetry event Irshaad’18–Ravish Kumar, Vansh Tiwari, Rajat Maheshwari, Prakhar Bhansal, and Rahul Singh. Their poetry, revolving around love, politics, and college life, struck a chord with the audience and elicited hoots and applause from the audience.

Shambhu “Chupa Rustam” Shikhar, a semi-finalist of the TV show The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 3, was one of the outstation artists. Shikhar managed to get the audience rise and cheer in appreciation of his witty anecdotes and poetry. He began his speech by expressing his confusion over whether the students here came to study or to fall in love.

“Tinder se notification aaya hai (It’s a notification from Tinder),” he commented, when his phone went off during the performance. While on stage, he interacted casually with Dr GK Prabhu, the former Director of MIT and the current President of Manipal University, Jaipur, subtly incorporating puns encircling politics, society, and love. He ended with a strong message specifically to the boys–girls are not dolls to be played with under any circumstances.

Dr GK Prabhu also took to the stage that evening. Having declared the previous edition of Jashn-e-Manipal as the best event, he said he’d flown all the way from Jaipur to be a part of it this time as well. Nobody else, he claimed, had travelled as great a distance as he had to listen to Shambhu Shikhar.

Kumar Utkarsh, one of the founding members of Goonj, recited some of his best works. He talked with pride about the rapid growth of Goonj and the massive success of Jashn-e-Manipal. He hoped that the current crew would successfully carry forward their legacy and reach greater heights.

Kumar Utkarsh performs

The event went on in a casual and informal atmosphere with each performer connecting well with the audience. Nikhil Singh, the former President of Goonj, brought the evening to a close with a vote of thanks. “Aaj main garv se kehta hoon ki “Hindi hai hum (Today I can proudly claim that we are Hindi)”, he said.

Picture credits: The Photography Club

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