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The Colours of Life—Art Exhibition by Artpod


The ground floor of the Innovation Centre witnessed an extravagant art exhibition by Artpod on the 29th of March. The small space which usually holds tech talks and virtual reality exhibitions found itself immersed in beautiful paintings and vivid photographs thanks to the vibrant display.

The event was held from 9 AM to 6 PM and enjoyed good footfall throughout the day, with students crowding in during the breaks. Students and teachers alike came to see the lovely pieces of art, and the organisers and artists took turns guiding people and explaining works of art.

“I like playing with colours,” said Ujjwal Sharma, a second-year MAHE student whose paintings were exhibited at the event. When asked about the meaning behind her painting she said, “The meaning is for the other person to infer.”

The exhibition was artistically divided into colour themed panels with each panel signifying something one would typically associate with the chosen colour. For instance, the green panel had works related to nature while the yellow board had collections of paintings and photographs that depicted characters from Indian epics. A digital illustration of the Kamath Circle in all its splendour, before it was turned into the Student Plaza was placed on one of the panels as an ode to a bygone era.

The panel that captured the most attention was the one where the attendees had the opportunity to paint little squares with the colours that best described their mood. The artist in everyone came out, as people rushed to this panel to express themselves with the help of colours.

“We wanted to create a platform for artists to showcase their work because seeing it provides the students with a nice break from their hectic lives, and also because the creation of such an artist community would help the students here at Manipal,” said Vaaridhi Mathur, the President of Artpod.

Artpod’s Art exhibition was a much-needed stress reliever after the exam week and gave the students a chance to remind themselves of the beautiful and creative side within all of us.

Picture Credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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