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PIXEL – Designing 101


Opportunities in the field of design have grown substantially. From developing websites to designing physical products, art and design play a pivotal role everywhere. It is the sole medium through which a customer connects with the product. When people find something visually appealing they are more likely to try it out. In tune with the increasing importance of design, IECSE conducted PIXEL – a three-day workshop on graphic design. The attendees learned basic techniques and tools to implement their creativity with the help of graphic designing software.

The first day was jam-packed with around 150 students attending the workshop. The day began with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator which was followed by a rudimentary explanation of the function of each and every tool, tab, and shortcut.  The students were asked to make a poster using the techniques that had been explained. Though the poster looked quite complex, thanks to the clear and comprehensive instructions, the attendees breezed through the task.

Poster made by participant Sahil Jaiswal; his first craft using Illustrator. One may recognize it as the statue at the gateway to Braavos, from the popular television show, ‘Game of Thrones’. PC: IECSE

On the next day, the basics of Adobe Photoshop were taught. This was followed by a detailed guide to the popular ‘double exposure’ technique. It is a technique used to combine two photos into a single photo, removing the errors and thereby improving it.

The final day of the workshop focused on Adobe Illustrator. The assigned task was to develop the layout of a weather app. For example, a layout of a sunny day would have a bright sun and a clear sky. But the apps we have on our phone aren’t static, they are dynamic. The elements constituting the display move, thus making the user experience more pleasing. After making the layout, it was further worked upon with Adobe After Effects in order to animate the objects in it. Attendees got busy animating the sun, parting the clouds, and making clouds pour for the ‘rainy day’ layout.


The three days of the event were spent in learning many versatile software packages and thanks to the workshop, the attendees can utilize their newly acquired skills to further venture into the realm of computer graphics.

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