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Picture Perfect—Shoot ‘Em Up 2019


The Photography Club, Manipal organised Shoot ‘Em Up—a six-day long photography carnival, from 2nd to 7th February 2019. With its assortment of categories to choose from, Manipal’s budding photographers could pick an event to suit their style of photography.

Day 1

On the opening day of Shoot ‘Em Up 2019, the participants of Portfolio Shoot were paired with models in a chit picking based lucky draw. Each team could have a maximum of two photographers, and the first round was an open themed event to be held on day two.

Day 2
Adithya Nayak | Staff Writer

Photo Race was a treasure hunt themed event in which the contestants were divided into teams, and each side could have a maximum of five members. The participants were provided with the pictures at the beginning of the event from which they had to deduce the place where the photograph had been taken. The groups had to get a photograph clicked at that location.

In Spot Photography, the organisers gave the participants a theme at the venue—motion. The participants had to take a picture based on the subject. Also, post-processing of the photograph was prohibited apart from in-camera edits such as white balance adjustment or selective colouring.

The first round of the Portfolio shoot was an open themed event in which the participants were required to click images of the models assigned to them and set up a theme of their choosing. Furthermore, post-processing of the photographs was allowed, and submission of the same was on 4th February.

Runner-up entry for the Portrait Shoot by Kota Teja and Ateeq Rafiq

Day 3

Joshika Sachithanan | Staff Writer

The B-Roll challenge that was started by the famous photographer and Youtuber, Peter Mckinnon, debuted at this year’s edition of The Photography Club’s Shoot Em Up. This fledgeling event witnessed the highest turnout, with 17 participants showing up for the contest.

The event involved participants shooting and editing a short B-Roll film at a given location. A B-Roll film is footage that tells a story and can be shot anywhere, including the most uninteresting places. The contestants gathered in AB5-403 where the location of the shoot was revealed to be Tiger Circle. Furthermore, the participants were given a day to shoot and edit their film.

Product Shoot required the participants to capture images in their best light for commercial use. The theme for Round 1 was “Backpack,” and the contestants were given 24 hours to arrange for the product and the necessary equipment.

An entry for the Product Shoot by Souvik Ghoshal

Day 4
Janmejay Chakravarty | Staff Writer

Artwork put the participants’ graphic design skills to test. The participants were allowed to use Illustrator or Photoshop to create a design related to the theme, “Music cover art,” within two hours. Moreover, they had to justify the reasoning behind their particular artwork, since the event allowed for a wide range of abstract submissions.

The organisers felt that the theme was something everyone could relate to since music is a big part of everyone’s daily life. All the board members individually judged the submissions based on specific pre-determined criteria. The participants worked with great determination, employing various techniques to achieve the best possible result in the given time.

Day 5
Adithya Nayak | Staff Writer

The day started with the announcement of the results for the first round of Product shoot. Following that, the theme for the second round was announced. Furthermore, the second round of Portfolio shoot was also held on the same day. The participants had to prepare their models for the theme dystopia which was declared earlier. The day concluded with the submissions for the Portfolio shoot.

“The portfolio shoot was an entirely new experience for me. Although, it got hectic and I had to miss a few classes. My interests matched with the models who were assigned to us, for the shoot. That along with good communication with them helped me get some great shots,” said Kota Teja, who secured the second place in Portfolio Shoot.

Day 6
Janmejay Chakravarty | Staff Writer

A total of seven teams had been selected in the final round of Product Shoot. The theme for the final round was “Books and novels,” as declared on day five. The teams had two hours to capture, edit, and submit a maximum of three photographs. There was no restriction on the device that could be used. The contestants were incredibly enthusiastic, and each team explored different lighting techniques, angles. Furthermore, the participants used an array of materials from chalk powder to chart paper to enhance the depth and quality of their photographs.

Winning entry for the Product Shoot by Rushabh Kaddu and Harshith Reddy

“Product Photography is something that I would have never tried if it weren’t for Shoot ‘Em Up ’19. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would like to experiment more with product photography now,” said Rushabh Kaddu, the winner of Product Shoot.

“This edition has elicited the highest number of participants with over 110 people showing up,” said an organiser. Quite a few participants were of the view that it was a great learning experience for budding photographers, considering the events were made accessible for both experienced photographers and beginners. However, the participants were mostly students who already have a firm grasp of photography tricks and techniques. Overall, the participants were incredibly satisfied with the event and believed that it was a great learning experience.

Featured Image: Winning entry for the Product Shoot by Rushabh Kaddu and Harshith Reddy.
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