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The People’s Superintendent – Annamalai IPS

When Sorabh Pant visited our college for Revels this year, something struck him as rather odd. Students of MIT Manipal had absolutely no beef with the two people in power their peers in other colleges usually hated.
First and foremost, they loved their director which was uncommon in itself. Secondly, they admired the District Superintendent.
Annamalai IPS. A name that brought smiles of admiration on the faces of the young and old alike. A strict policeman, an able civil servant and a wonderful human being to all those who knew him. Annamalai took charge of the district as the Superintendent of Police on the 1st of January, 2015. From then to now, in a span of barely a year and a half, reforms and restraints of magnitudes never seen before, clamped down on the ‘taken-for-granted’ attitude of university town’s youth. An IPS officer of the 2011 batch, he was posted as the Assistant Superintendent of Police of Karkala Subdivision in late 2013. Analyzing the state Manipal was in, ‘Udupi’s Singham’ as he was affectionately called, took matters into his own hands when the reigns were his to handle. The no-nonsense officer was quick to bring the mildly chaotic Manipal to order. He was applauded by the public for his unique methods to reach out to people and spread awareness. Besides his brilliance in crime detection skills, his role and leadership in the curbing of illegal matka, murder, theft and prostitution brought him into the spotlight. The public soon took notice of this young, dynamic and tech-savvy SP with new-age ideas like the Suraksha mobile app, WhatsApp complaints against rash drivers, community rides promoting eco-friendly transportation, short movies to promote road safety and visits to various schools and colleges in and around the district.  apr1605cyclerallyA town like Manipal, with its cosmopolitan environment and free-thinking mindset, can seem like an easy target to criminals.  Regulating loud music, cracking down on drunk drivers, and making sure night-travelers have the right documents with them  were some guidelines, the police made sure everyone stuck to. Contrary to what many people believe, Manipal hadn’t been made an unfair target by the police, as exemplified by the fact that the neighboring rural areas also witnessed sea changes at the hands of the police forces, under Annamalai. A decrease in illegal sale of liquor and communal violence were among the positive changes that were seen across the district.


Picture Credits: K. Harish Kumar

In addition to donning khaki, Annamalai is an enthusiastic philanthropist,a kite enthusiast, an athlete and a supporter of the Clean India campaign. He has also taken part in several  social, cultural and regional activities across the district to display his support for young talent.

 He has served as the chief guest for many of Manipal University’s programs including Revels this year and last year’s orientation program. Manipal University held a felicitation program for him, on the 27th of July, in the wake of his transfer to Chikkamagaluru district, with effect on 26th of July.  The program was attended by the staff and students of Manipal University along with the Chancellor, Dr. Ramdas Pai, Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vinod Bhat, Pro Chancellor, Dr. H.S. Ballal,the Director of MIT, Dr. G.K. Prabhu, among others.

Sad as it may be, it is now time for the Lion to move to another jungle and with a heavy heart we must bid you adieu, sir. You will live in our hearts forever.

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