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Parting Ways—Farewell for the Batch of 2020

After a fun-filled college life, the final year students of MIT attended their farewell with a heavy heart. The college hosted a formal ceremony to congratulate all fourth-year students and wish them well for their journey ahead. The event was held at the MIT Quadrangle on November 1st, with all the students asked to assemble by 7:30 PM.

Before the event started, refreshments were offered, and the students gathered to feast on the spread. At 8:00 PM the festivities commenced with a couple of students from the Student Council sharing some of their experiences in Manipal.

This was followed by a speech from the director, Dr Srikanth Rao, who not only congratulated the students but also gave a few words of inspiration and wished them well for their lives after college. “In college, we are first taught a lesson and then are tested. In our professional lives, we are tested first, through which we learn a lesson”, said Dr Rao.

These four years in Manipal have shaped my life and my personality. I got a lot of opportunities. It was a great experience to head a fest in Manipal. The people here, my friends and the administration are very nice. They help you go forward, providing a boost to your career, and ensuring your overall well-being”, recounted Ashesh, the former Cultural Secretary of the Student Council.

Stunning performances by MAFIA and Chords & Co. followed the speech, after which the event wrapped up by around 8:50 PM. With dinner being arranged as well, the students continued their feast before finally leaving with bittersweet memories to cherish.

Image credits: The Photography Club, Manipal

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