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TechTatva’17 — Paper Presentation

Nida Khan

Articulating ideas, demonstrating viewpoints and creating prototypes— Paper Presentation incorporated all stages of innovation. The participation comprised groups of three from a variety of colleges, including some from Mangalore, Shivamoga, and Bangalore.

Round one was the abstract submission, where the participants had to prepare a summary of their work. While the abstract was a pre-requisite, the brevity of the document required participants to put in a lot of effort. Taking explicit pathways, the participants encompassed their individual approach and conclusion, avoiding obscure jargon to make it comprehensible.

In the second round, the participants displayed their presentation skills by communicating their visions. This involved keeping the presentation relevant to their unique ideas and effective and prompt responses. The participants not only created meaningful slides to accompany their speech but also made sure to express their visions through visual references.

On being asked about the event, the category head, K Aravind Bharadwaj said, The number of participants this time were less than last time but the presentations were really good. We even had first-year students who took part and worked really hard. Also, I feel like this time around, the judges were more interactive with the participants. The topics presented were really interesting and informative.”

Paper Presentation not only gave the students an opportunity to express their creativity and innovation, it also gave them a taste of what the corporate world has in store and of how expression is just as important as ideation.

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