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The Pant Rants For Manipal


DL 101 brought Sorabh Pant, one of the most popular comedians in the country, to Manipal on Sunday, August 12th. Pant put together an exciting two-hour show at a jam-packed hall in Hotel Central Park. He left the audience in splits of laughter throughout as he fired shots at practically everyone, sparing not even his own self.

The opening act for the evening was by Althaf Ibrahim, an MIT student and the President of the MIT Student Council, who did not disappoint. He managed to keep the crowd entertained with his edgy sense of humour as he took jabs at religion and politicians and presented a hilarious take on the Karnataka elections that were held earlier this year. Speaking at the end of the event, Althaf Ibrahim appreciated the audience for their energy and expressed pleasure that his political jokes were well received. He also thanked the DL 101 team for the efficiency and hard work they displayed.

As Pant stepped on stage, the audience welcomed him with a huge round of applause and whipped out their phones for pictures and videos. Pant provided a hilarious perspective on a variety of issues ranging from politics to fake news. Speaking of the miserable state of journalism and free speech in the country, he took shots at a journalist,” whose name rhymes with Parnab.” The comedian refrained from taking sides as he hated on every political party equally.

Following an hour of stand-up, Sorabh Pant took questions from the audience, eliciting an enthusiastic reaction. Pant was on his feet the whole time, coming up with witty answers to their questions without skipping a beat. On being asked about his most memorable performance, Pant reminisced about his show at MIT a couple of years ago. He also spoke about how the then-Director of MIT, Dr GK Prabhu was a fantastic sport throughout the performance.

The comedian managed to keep the attention of the audience for two whole hours with his anecdotal style of comedy. His frustrated venting about things people could relate to on a personal level made it an entertaining Rant of the Pant. His performance of two hours and one minute was followed by a selfie session and a book signing.

The MIT Post also had the opportunity to interact with Sorabh Pant prior to his show in Manipal. For the full interview, check out The Pant Rant–Sitting Down With Sorabh Pant. 


Image courtesy: The Photography Club, Manipal

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