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Tech Tatva’15: A Musical Affair

Driven by a novel passion to mix science with art, Alacrity, managed by the IE EnC Club, came up with an event called ‘No Strings Attached’. The basic idea was to create a microcontroller which would ideally produce meaningful music with the help of Arduino

Tech Tatva’15: One For The Road

“A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments.” – Mario Andretti Fuel RC has remained an extremely sought after and coveted event since its inception. They put their show on the road with quite a thundering start on the first day of TechTatva’15

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TechTatva’15: Cruising Altitude

Flight of Fantasy definitely wasn’t one of your average everyday events: you weren’t allowed to walk in without any prior knowledge about aviation, because this event was just not that simple. A four day workshop was conducted before TechTatva which taught the participants all they

TechTatva’15: Long Ride

Automobiles are always a showpiece of fine engineering. On a small scale, FuelRC set to establish just that, and stole the heart of the crowds in doing so.

TechTatva’15: Summiting the Stock Exchange

The first round of Winner Stands Alone was held on 7th Oct, beginning at 3:30PM. The participants had seemingly come prepared for the written round, which had thirty MCQs. The questions were based on logical reasoning, math, and some business terminologies, where from the four

TechTatva’15: The Martianites

Space Settlement, continuing this year, brought the thrills of Interstellar closer as this TechTatva’s theme of ‘Frugal Innovation’ was stretched to the bounds of outer space. Consisting of three rounds, the event was as exciting as it was tiring – participants toiled over their presentations

TechTatva’15: Lights Will Guide You To The Prize

Robotrek’s event Catch the Light witnessed little robots following light-trails pitted against time. Despite the massive delay of about one and a half hours, the event remained popular with both, the contestants and the crowd watching. The autonomous bots, fitted with light sensors were literally supposed to ‘catch the light’ and make it through a plywood maze guided by flashlights. The quickest to do so was to be announced the winner. So, lights will literally guide the bots home.

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