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Long Live the Gamer: Interview with the MIT Gaming Club

For a long time now, the gaming diaspora of MIT has been grossly under-represented and limited to cramped hostel rooms. It is for this precise reason, that a handful of gaming enthusiasts felt the need to establish the MIT Gaming Club, a club that is exclusively dedicated to gamers and game developers. We recently caught up with the president of the club Anshuman Verma and club financier Siddharth Gupta to know more.

CES Part 1: Future, Qué Pasa?

Las Vegas, Nevada, the city confining more than a 150,000 hotel rooms, that is the maximum in the world, came to a point of crisis when attendees from all over the planet rushed in to observe the world’s biggest tech exhibition, CES’16, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show. It is an internationally renowned electronics and technology show, attracting major companies and industry professionals worldwide. Sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, the show is annually held each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

A Session With the Student Counsellor

“Not everyone comes here with a problem; sometimes people come here looking for ways to improve themselves too.”
The stigma against seeking professional psychological help is one that is almost indelible, especially among those who need it the most. It is for this precise reason that MIT currently employs four student counsellors, and we had the opportunity to speak to one of them.

The Sessionals Playlist

The Sessionals Playlist Vol. I [Even Sem ’16]

The MIT Post is back with its Sessional Playlist!

Listen in on our choice selection of music to soothe you after that 8th can of RedBull in the night.

We’ve divided the playlist into two categories, vocal and instrumental, as is tradition. So sit back, relax, and… you know the drill. Enjoy!
Curated by Aditya Chatterjee and Saketh Jandhyala